Mac vs. PC Samplitude vs. Pro Tools

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by luckyval, Mar 19, 2005.

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  1. luckyval

    luckyval Guest

    Hello guys, I'm a bit new to all this…please help me to make the right choice. I worked with a PC all my life but right now thinking move to Mac... going to buy a new comp (laptop) and pretty much built a home studio based on a laptop.
    Just imagine you need/want to build your HOME studio from the very beginning what would you buy? limits are : it has to be laptop, any soft, hard with Firewire.
    I know my questions are too general ( and stupid:), but would like to hear your short opinion anyway.

    So question #1: to go for apple laptop or stay with PC?

    as I see most of pro people work with Mac, but I found a very interesting website and they make only PC laptops for musicians please check it out and tell me what do you think:

    it sounds very good...optimization and all that stuff...

    question #2: I worked with Samplitude and love it, now if I'll move to Mac, I'll have to work with Pro Tools. I know it's industrial standard na d so on, but...Is it really better then anything right now on the market?

    and finally (I know you'll love it:) Cubase or Cakewalk?:)
  2. TotalSonic

    TotalSonic Guest

    Personally for DAW's I prefer to work with PC's - and specificially with SAWStudio -

    Check out Sager for awesome PC laptops that are as fast as desktops-

    Not to nitpick - but maybe the "Mastering" forum isn't the most on-topic place for your question?

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson
  3. luckyval

    luckyval Guest

    you are right:) I should put it in another topic:) but thank you!!!
  4. FOHman

    FOHman Guest

    Samplitude is better then protools

    1: Sounds better IMHO

    2: More open you don't have digisign telling you what they think you should use. You can add any gear and plugs that you want.
  5. iznogood

    iznogood Member

    Feb 9, 2004
    don't :lol:
  6. Someday

    Someday Guest

    I have a long experience.
    First i tell you what i used.
    Then i tell you where i stopped searching.

    -I used Pro Tools LE and TDM, Cubase on Windows. I used DP and Cubase on Mac.

    -Then i used (and i still use) Logic Pro on OSX, and i will never go back.
  7. georgyj

    georgyj Guest

    It depends on the range of application. If U do mastering, broadcast or classical recording don't even think of Slow Fools (Samp is an enormous timesaver here). If U have a project studio without the need of compatibility go for Samplitude. If U need to be compatible, go for Pro Tools on Mac. If you're running a commercial studio, U need to be compatible. I'm using Samplitude and Nuendo on PC and have saved thousands alone by never buying that ultraslow but expensive G4. From time to time I buy a faster processor, Mainboard and Ram combo and for very little money I have an up to date 90% perfect workstation. I spend the saved bucks on such nice things as UAD and Powercore cards.
    If you go for PC: Never use any windows version but XP or server 2003 and try to avoid internet connection.
  8. georgyj

    georgyj Guest

    Sorry, I didn't read your post very carefully, just the topic. Stay on PC and go for Samplitude. Always think of noise when U buy a notebook. A fast Centrino platform is usually the better choice than a noisy P4 ( can drive U crazy ). Good luck!!
  9. axel

    axel Guest

    pc or mac

    hm... sometimes i just wonder what kind of ears or hearing people do have who make and love music, the question about pc or mac is in my ears not a question at all.

    specially when it comes to using a laptop as the heart of your studio, which means you do probably most of the prosseing in the computer enviroment.

    specially p4's are extremely NOISY bastards, you have to use stuff like digitalfishphones normalizer to get reasonable results.

    macs outwheigting pc's specially in music by far... bar none.
    there is no room for discussion, also programs like peak or logic which are native are the tools which give you about everything you ever need to write or record, master and edit music.

    ever seen a REAL pro studio running pc's ever wondered why??
    ok pc's are cheaper, but what you get is cheap too.

    get a powerbook, logic, peak and a decent firewire card plus external firewire drive for audio (fast 7200rpm) and some decent monitors like genelec!! FOR YOUR EARS!
  10. georgyj

    georgyj Guest

    Axel, I guess U never worked on an up to date PC. There's nothing faster than a dual opteron system. No more problems since Win XP. I've been reading many more complaints on Mac with OS X then on PC the last year. Mac has no more advantages compared to PCs. And, Samplitude is a veeeery powerfull application.
  11. axel

    axel Guest

    pc vs. mac

    digidesign ditched mac? wow good news very good one - for once!

    and yes i have worked on PC's many times, i am an pro audio freelance engineer and producer. (live work included: beastie boys / robbie williams / blue and so on...)

    please name a few studios you concider as top notch running PC's cheers.

    also pro tools is good for band / live recording the question asked in this topic was about setting up an home all-rounder along a laptop as the heart of the studio, also samplitude is powerfull, of course it's a rip off of peak on the PC platform, thanks god before PC users only had soundforge :evil:

    opteron might be fine, don't know it. the choice here is laptop with either p4, and that is a noisy bastard whitout a question, thanks to sasha from http://www.digitalfishphones and his p4 noise reducer called normalizer or an centrino, better in terms of noise or a g4 processor
    which in the level of laps rule...

    just use decent monitoring / soundcard like a metric halo i/o and 8000 series genelec and you will be surprised what is comming to the surface of audio you will HEAR. i am just trusting my ears and really give a $*^t about brandnames / fancy stuff.
    AUDIBLE PERFORMANCE RULES, and yes there have been or are probs with osx as it is pretty young, but improves and has lot of advantages too, like it/s incredible midi behavior and ultra ultra low latency....

  12. axel

    axel Guest

    PC vs. MAC

    and um.. i forgott,

    about processor performance, ever wondered why some hardware sounds so much punchier and tighter??

    like the akai mpc 2000, it's the processor timing,

    just take the exact same setup same soundcard same mixer you route through and same monitoring same host app. like dp performer or logic and same soft sampler for example halion or whatever really take the same sample and play it back on a mac or p4 system, let your ears be the judge....

    i would be happy if PC's would perform / sound as great, would save me and a lot of other pro users a lot of money :p

    same with software some audio engines are just not reproducing the same audiophile quality like cubase or lot of steinberg stuff it is just not doing the job propperly comparing to others you have the choice from.
    or plugs some are crap and some are doing exactly what they are supposed to do, that's a matter of the programming and the internal structure just as in hardware...

    eh... don't forgett that the topic is / was a budget laptop system he asked for and not a million pounds (that's british pound sterling, for you) studio.

  13. FifthCircle

    FifthCircle Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2001
    Los Angeles, CA
    Home Page:

    I'm trying to figure out the logic. How does a computer- noisy or not dictate which plugins you should be using.

    The digital fishphones plugs are indeed quite good, as are the new analog suite of plugins that Sascha has developed for version 8 of Samplitude and Sequoia.

    There are lots of good tools out there and there are lots of tools that can ruin your sound- both with plugins and with hardware (Alesis 3630 anybody?).

    I happen to use Sequoia because it has a feature set that allows me to get my work done. I'm also very happy with the way that things sound inside it. If there was another tool that did the same thing with better results, I'd consider using it, but for now this is what I use and I'm quite happy with it.


    Where did you hear that Digi was dumping mac? There have been rumors for ages about that (ever since Avid dumped the mac for their editing stations), but so far I have not heard any word from Digi about that. At NAMM just a couple months ago, they had an equal number of macs and pcs running their demos and according to everybody there, Mac support was going to continue for a LONG time.

  14. iq

    iq Guest

    go mac for recording and mixing
    go pc for mastering

    my $0.02
  15. axel

    axel Guest

    PC vs. MAC

    i think we are loosing the topic of this discussion,

    a computer certainly does not dictate the plugs or hardware someone should use for his work. (can't remember having said that!)

    the original question asked, if i remember right, was should i switch from a PC to a MAC and what would be good to invest into setting up a homestudio around a laptop.

    i do really believe out of over 10 years experience working with computer based systems, to invest money into a powerbook a decent firewire card and a firewire external fast drive like maxtor, running logic and peak, logic because it gives you a great deal of both midi, writing music, recording, editing and so on it's a versatile investment and has some really good softsynths plus peak for the final touches and some decent plugs yupp like digitalfishphones, i love them because they have sonic character on their own and doing the job, and if the budget holds a good little mixer (mackie) and some nice little 8030 genies, i believe that is a worthy investment into a very decent mobile / homestudio.

    a different aproach is if you have hundred thousands to spend on upper level pro gear, powerbooks are also relativ rugged for on set purposes, that's just an experience i have and a response i got from many of my collegs. PC books tend sometimes to have problems with firewire on top, and it's certainly better than usb for audio use (no traffic jams of data when it gets really busy)

    that's my opinion out of experience. and as you mentioned hard or software can really affect sonic quality / behavior massively.


    and i say swop to a mac with good stuff around it, a computer on it's own is not doing it.
  16. axel

    axel Guest

    PC vs. MAC


    the only thing i have said is that 'a' or 'the' processor itself in a computer affects the noise and sonic quality.

    thereby i say go MAC or older pentiums like the p3 or centrino (a bit weak in terms of processing power) have a better sonic behavior than p4's

    g4 or g5 processors handle audio tighter, that's all i tried to point out

  17. FifthCircle

    FifthCircle Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2001
    Los Angeles, CA
    Home Page:
    And that's what I'm calling you on....

    A processor has absolutely no effect on the sound quality. It simply is crunching numbers. Plugins, software, etc.. will affect your sound, but the chip that is processing your numbers does nothing.

    Find software and an interface that does what you need and then worry about platform from there.

  18. Someday

    Someday Guest

    That's a funny joke.

    In the realty, 80% of the professional music production happens to be on Apple computers.

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