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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Spartacus, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, I was hoping someone out there can help me with setting up my home studio based on the equipment I have. Currently, I have a Mac G5, Mixer, Mbox 1, Microphone, MPC1000 and a keyboard but I don't know how to correctly connect them all together so they work properly and to their potential. I have all the cords needed, let me know if you can walk me through this. I can be a bit of a slow learner.

    It would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!

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    Jun 26, 2007
    Get in touch with your inner macgyver

    I can walk you through a few things.

    Locate the first manual you come across for any of this equipment.

    Open the manual to the first page.

    Read first page.

    Turn to second page and repeat process.
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    hahaha!! nice one space!!
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    Let's change the topic:
    Guys I'm hungry. I got some pasta here. Some sauce, an oven... yeah I got some bowls. And a spoon.

    Obviously you want to connect the items but in what way?

    I mean, do you connect X to Y or X to Z?

    What you want to do is connect what you want to what you want, using what you need. What you need depends on what you want and have.

    Basic cable connection is simple enough: where possible, match the output with the input. (Type of cables, etc.)
    If you can't, improvise. How you improvise depends on what your X and Y are.
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    Sep 26, 2005
    Here is one that should confuse everyone.

    You have a pair of passive speakers. On the back is a red terminal & a black terminal.

    You have an amplifier. On the back is a red terminal & a black terminal.

    How do you connect the amplifier to the speakers? It seems logical enough to connect the red to the red & the black to the black. But let us consider simple DC practice & theory. For instance, if you have a flashlight that requires 2 batteries, how do you install the batteries? You certainly don't put plus to plus nor minus to minus. It simply won't work that way. So why does everybody connect their speakers "wrong"? Shouldn't it be red to black & black red? The answer is maybe. Everybody has their own ideas on how things should be manufactured. This is where you have to use those things on each side of your head. You don't want your speakers to "suck" every time the bass drum is hit. You want them to punch forward in an outward manner. This can only be ascertained by listening. Your setup should be based on similar logic even without reading your manual. But I certainly like the first suggestion made. You've got to read it through even if you don't understand and then read it through again even if you don't understand it. You continue this practice until it starts to make sense. If you can't get their own your own? It might be better to consider hiring a professional. I don't play violin and I don't sing as my parents did. Too much competition and I doubt that I could ever come up to their level of expertise in their field. Conversely, they are both technically inept. Lucky is the person who discovers where their talents really are. Many can learn but few can excel. Nothing to be ashamed of or frustrated with. I'm a good technician but I am not a brain surgeon like Jethro Bodine, thankfully.

    Stripping wires with scalpels can be bad for your health.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    I would say load the mbox drivers then plug the Mbox via usb to the G5 and make sure it comes up OK to start. The keyboard midi out and in to mbox unless its a USB keyboard control then straight to USB. If its USB youmay need to lad driver. You may have to do configuration in protools. Mic should plug into mbox. The mixer can be integrated at input of mbox or output so not sure where you going.

    You may want to ad how you need to use this system. Is it simultaneous or one track at a time recording. Using midi? What instruments. Any information that might give people a clue to what you are trying to accomplish with your tools.

    Check this site out to

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