Mackie 1604 connection to TC Finalizer Plus

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by cydoniaworld, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Hi, been out of the music game for around 10 years and i am slowly unpacking my gear in order to start recording again. I have recently acquired a TC finaliser Plus and i am confused to which cables i required to connected this into my setup.

    I am thinking of hooking this up as follows; Mackie - control room out - finalizer in - finalizer out - studio amp - monitors.

    The Finalizer has XLR analog inputs that state they are balanced. The Mackie states the control room 1/4" jacks are bal/un bal. Having read both manuals for this equipment i am totally confused what i need to purchase. All i do know is that i require 2x XLR female to 1/4" jack & 2x XLR male to 1/4" jack. The balanced issue is worrying me.

    This will give me a live mastered sound, i haven't thought about how to record the stereo mixdown just yet. I am hoping to take the ADAT out from the finalizer and feed it into my Power Mac G5's optical input? Hmmmmmm?

    thanks for looking any help would be great.
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    I would have thought that you would want to use the main L-R outs of the Mackie rather than the control rooms outs, especially if you are considering recording from the Finailizer. Use of the main outs allows headphone soloing of tracks without compromising the recording.

    The 1604 main outs are true balanced (requires TRS cabling), but the control room outs are impedance-balanced (can use TS or TRS cabling). I would get TRS - XLR(M) cables to go to the Finalizer, then you can use either the main or CR outs of the Mackie.

    You can use optical out of the FInalizer into the optical inputs of your PowerMac as long as you select S/PDIF protocol (mistakenly named Toslink on the Finalizer) and not ADAT.
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    Thank you Boswell,

    So i will connect the same as before but just use the main outs instead of the CR outs.

    Mackie - Main Outs - Finalizer in / out - Amp - Speakers.

    This is a great help, many thanks.

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