Mackie d8b, bright sounding?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by hawkon, Feb 17, 2005.

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    I've been working on a d8b for some years now and I've read that some say it's kinda bright sounding, which also is my own conclusion. It's always a struggle with the knobs to make recordings sound more warm and full. I'd like to hear som opinions on what makes the d8b so bright. Is it only the pres or is it the entire design of the mixer that's to blame?
  2. Midlandmorgan

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    Jul 21, 2002
    None of the above...

    I think the 'brightness' you hear is just a difference between digital and analog...I get plenty of mixes on my d8b that are almost too dark...

    Here's just a few ideas....

    - check you control room acoustics. Maybe things are bass weak there.

    - I usually gently roll off at 12.5K-15K or so to a -3 at 20K...

    - What are your sources? As you know, some mics are just brighter than others...some DI's lose a lot of low end (some high end)...

    - Are you using Final Mix or a similar master 2 track processor while mixing?

    - Are you using the stock DA output converters? There have been some people stating they aren't up to snuff...
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    Maybe I should blow the dust off my old Tascam 2" 16 track... :wink:

    Well... you hit the right spot about the room acoustics. :oops: The main recording room and control room both suffer from muddy low midrange as well as the control room also has some serious bass issues. The plan is build a couple of helmholtz traps and bass traps to fit in both rooms. That might help... a lot.

    Which DA output converters "aren't up to snuff..." The only digital to analog conversion I use is performed by the d8b internally to make the analog signal for monitoring and not to forget the DAs for the eight bus outputs. Are those the ones you are referring to?
  4. Midlandmorgan

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    Jul 21, 2002
    The main outs you connect to your CR monitors....many d8b users report getting anywhere from a 30 to a 100% improvement when using AES out to a DAC, Apogee, or similar...

    And as for using the 16 track...GO FOR IT! A d8b with a 16 track 2" machine has been one of my secret lusts for a while...all you need are some AIO8 cards that convert 8 channels to analog to go to the machine, then 8 channels to convert to digital so the machine can use them...

    Man...the possibilities!'re in Norway, I'm in if I started driving now, look for me in August....of 2009.


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