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    who here has experience and/or input on these boards? i am currently renting out a studio that uses this, and in the future when i get my own studio together i am thinking about getting the same one. as of thus far, i like the board, and the owner has loved it for many years...but after a few searches on here, i found some people dont feel the same way.

    im just looking for a little more input, as what i have found so far wasnt much of anything.

    is there a board that is comparable to the d8b that would be better? im looking to spend about $2000 on a quality, more than likely used board that can do similar things as the d8b.
  2. We used one at Recording Workshop several years ago. It was just all right. I didn't find the layout all that intuitive, and I think by today's standards, it's a little dated for a digital mixer. I'm unsure if it's compatible with non-Mackie production software.

    A Tascam FW1082 or FW1882 in conjunction with a computer may be comparable, and I would suspect it'd (at least in the case of the latter) have better-sounding preamps.
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    (I should have mentioned, I am, and plan to run Pro Tools)

    those tascams are quite different than the d8b...
  4. Even better. Pick up a Digi 002 or 003.

    And no, in a computer recording environment, the functions of these products or the tascams to the D8b are quite similar. The D8b will have more analog i/o capabilities and possibly in-line EQs (I can't remember, but I'd think to be classified as a mixer it would need "out-of-the-box" capabilities), but you're basically using it as a control surface much as you would the Digis and Tascams. So if a smaller number of preamps and isolation to computer recording suits you, I see much of the D8b's expensive features as being redundant.
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    Fair enough. i like new light brought to the table. i personally prefer to only use the mixer for getting initial line quality for tracking, and then for mixing.

    with that said, is there anything else you would suggest? i like that the d8b has 8 (or is it 12?) pre amps for recording simultaneously. also, is a digital board even necessary?

    i just like being able to move faders and knobs with my hands and not with a mouse! and, having more of them in front of me make me feel as if something important is going on, haha
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    anyone else?
  7. Having several preamps to use at one time is indispensable depending on the work you do. There are several recording interfaces on the market now that allow you to use 8 pres simultaneously, and to use anymore than that is as simple as chaining multiple units together.

    Another option would be to use an analog mixer's preamps for getting your levels and running line outs into a recording unit with lots of i/o capabilities, even if it doesn't have sufficient pres built in.

    Other than a.) a predilection for a particular mixer's hardware or b.) budget efficacy, I don't see a need for the mixer anymore in digital recording and mixing applications if a person is able to get used to a controller. I hate flipping pages on those things, but I see this as a fault in my learning rather than the medium.

    My ultimate recommendation is that a recording interface that meets all your i/o needs and has decent preamps--or even buying these separately--in conjunction with a great controller should supercede, in terms of quality and price, what you'd find in the D8b. But please consider other opinions in this decision, too.
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    Ive got a blaring guitar in my living room (roommate) and i cant really think or comprehend, so please forgive me....

    so, you are saying i can get an analog mixer instead of a digital, and just use it for its pre amps to get levels and mixdown on? when you said run line outs into a recording unit with lots of i/o capabilities, could you give me an example of one? i dont quite understand

    basically, this is what i DO know (yep, i actually know something, haha)....i will be using PT (probably digi 002 rack), and i would like to be able to record 12 tracks simultaneously. and as i said, id rather mix on a board, than with a mouse on a computer screen. also, later down the road i will be getting a few nice pre amps, but thats later later!

    i appreciate your help and patience!

    *EDIT* heres 3 analog boards that i like and plan to look more into:

    Mackie Onyx 24.4
    (Dead Link Removed)

    Mackie Onyx 32.4
    (Dead Link Removed)

    Yamaha MG32/14FX
    (Dead Link Removed)

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