Mackie d8b USA to Europian Voltage

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    Hi. Im thinking to buy Mackie d8b from USA. Reason is simple. Even with shiping cost and taxes its 3 times cheaper.
    I just wanna know will electrician or someone be able to make it work on 220V?
    Or will something like this do?

    Im very sorry bout my eng. :cry:
    Thank u
  2. djmukilteo

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    Nov 23, 2008
    Rainy Roads WA USA
    This was a FAQ I found on the Mackie website which has alot of info on the D8B BTW. I would contact Mackie and make sure you can operate it correctly before buying and shipping...

    From Mackie
    FAQ Hardware::Console/Power Supply
    If I take my D8B overseas (from the US), can I simply switch the CPU power supply from 110 to 240 volts? And, is the D8B auto power sensing?

    No - to both questions. In addition to the CPU power supply (mother board) there are other power supply related components (i.e. fuses) inside the D8B CPU enclosure that would need upgrading.

    Contact Mackie International Distributors for Service Locations

    Note: If you are planning to bring your D8B back to the US, you might consider a step-down power supply. Be sure it is of high quality and can handle the power requirements of the D8B. Some step-down power supplies have been know to be noisy and sometimes fluctuate in power. Be sure to test vigorously. Also, insert a power conditioner between the D8B PS and the step-down unit. (Mackie will not be held responsible for possible damage caused when using the above suggestions.)

    For more info regarding D8B power requirements see Mackie Authorized Service Center Locator.
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