Mackie SDR and hot swappable drive probs...

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by RobF, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. RobF

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    Hope someone can help, got 7 days to sort this out or despair before my client....... AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggrrrrr

    I have a Mackie SDR and just bought a 60GB hard drive and a new cradle + bay to expand my recording time. I have formatted the new drive and left it as internal (Works tip top OK) and grabbed the original 20GB drive and put it into the bay to use as a hot swappable.

    No matter what jumper setting I use every time I turn on the unit with the bay ON, for it run the two drives, it just stalls and never leaves the startup screen. Both drives work fine as internal. Plus I have also got error message D010 or D022 on some occasions.

    Any ideas on how and what is going wrong. I have tried using the original cradle from Mackie and also a new one I have which is almost identical, but same problem persists.


    Rob :cry:
  2. britbrian

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    Firstly, what are the jumper settings on the 'external' drive? According to mackie, they should be set as Master. However, this may cause you problems when you insert it into your PC.
    Secondly, is your caddy really a Lian Li, or just a lookalike? I used several 'lookalikes' which wrote off the caddy bay inside the SDR before I realised that they mustn't just LOOk the same, they have to BE the same.
    Also, as a btw, you can't actually 'hot swap' the drive either in the SDR or in the PC. The drive has to be inserted and the device rebooted for it to recognise the caddied drive.

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