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Magix Samplitude Professional V8.2 for Sale !!! SOLD !!!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by dlt123, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. dlt123

    dlt123 Guest

    Sam has been sold.

    Hi all, after much deliberation, I have decided to sell my license and copy of Magix Samplitude Professional V8.2. If you're familiar with this Host you'll know what a great piece of software this package is.

    I've already received permission from Magix to sell my copy and have it now up for sale.

    To trasfer ownership I have to email my complete address and Serial Number along with the address of the buyer. It will then be the new owners license with all previliges assigned a registered user. I lose all rights to use or upgrade to later versions.

    I am selling my copy for $510 (firm) which includes shipping and handling to US buyers only.

    This sale includes V7.0 Samplitude and V8.2 Professional upgrade package along with the V8 USB dongle.

    Note: This is truely an excellent and powerful Host. It has the best sounding engine I've heard yet.

    I prefer and accept PayPal payments. If interested contact me at my email address of dlt123@comcast.net or PM me here.

    If you have any questions, feel free to write me.

    Click here for some info on Samplitude

  2. dlt123

    dlt123 Guest

    Re: Magix Samplitude Professional V8.2 for Sale - Revised

    It was brought to my attention on another board that my price was not a good deal if you already own V7.

    So, if you already own V7 this deal isn't for you. If you do not own any version of Samplitude, or are renting, this would be right for you... also I made a mistake with my ad...

    I forgot that I updated from Sam V6 Pro instead of Sam V7. I initially purchased Sam V6 Pro then bought the V8 Pro upgrade. So the package you would be getting is V6 Pro with the V8 Pro upgrade software.

    For the record, all you do is install V6, then install the V8 upgrade. The V8 upgrade doesn't care if you upgrade from V6 or V7. Package comes with both the V6 software and User Manual and V8 upgrade and User Manual.

    Because I made the mistake, I am lowering the price from $510 to $475 plus $10 shipping with insurance to US buyers only. International buyers would pay international shipping rates with insurance. In some cases this could cost as much as $130 with insurance, so make sure you are coming out ahead with buying my copy. Also, international buyers may be responsible for taxes, Duties and possible brokerage fees.

    I am going to update all the ads I have out there in Inet land with the correct information and new lower price.

    Sorry for the mistake and thanks all for understanding,

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