magix takes distr. of sampl. back from emagic

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by synergy, Sep 10, 2002.

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  1. synergy

    synergy Guest

    09|10|2002 MAGIX Signals End of Distribution & Co-operations Contract with Emagic! New Samplitude/Sequoia Version 7.

    Samplitude V7
    Dear Sequoia and Samplitude customers:

    After a flood of customer complaints about delivery and services, MAGIX AG has now decided to end its working relationship with Emagic. To ensure both customer satisfaction and product continuity, MAGIX, as the product manufacturer, is taking over its distribution immediately. Besides our own distribution an international system partner and distribution network is also being developed.

    Mr. Joerg Schedlinski (Email:; Tel. +49 5741 34 55 25) will take care of all inquiries regarding system partners, distribution and dealers for the Samplitude and Sequoia products.

    Support team contact :

    Email support:
    Telephone support : + 49 351 47 96 24 15 (Mo-Fr, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.).

    The 6.5 versions announced previously will no longer be published. This is due to the changeover and the desire of Emagic to restrict product functionality. In November 2002, we will be offering the 7.0 product series.

    Sequoia 7 - the broadcasting solution

    Together with the broadcasting industry, MAGIX has developed Sequoia 7 - a new industry standard especially optimized for fast PC's.
    Sequoia utilizes the advantages of high-performance PC's for professional post-pro, broadcasting and mastering. Sequoia 7 is the high definition digital audio workstation.
    Outstanding functions such as source destination cutting and a professional cross-fade editor make Sequoia 7 the complete tool for editing film, video and radio dialog and classical production montages. The new Sequoia 7 version will be available in December 2002 at a recommended retail price of 2,500 Euro + VAT. The update (with real-time room simulation) is free for Sequoia users who purchased the product after 01.05.02. At the same time, MAGIX offers a service contract for all Sequoia users. The service contract is 20 % of the product purchase price per year, and includes a quarterly update.

    Sequoia 7.0 offers the following new functions (selection):
    - Real-time room simulation
    - Batch processing
    - ASIO & native VST support (low latency monitoring)
    - VSTi support
    - Support for additional CD Index Offsets
    - Enhanced import and direct access to SD2 files
    - already available in version 6.0: manual Declicker, native AIFF support and Undo in the Cross-fade Editor

    Samplitude 7: The Studio & Rich Media Professional Solution

    Thousands of loyal users have valued the uniqueness of Samplitude for years. The new version has taken a giant leap forwards.

    Samplitude 7.0 delivers the most progressive solutions for audio authoring and digital audio (recording and editing) on the PC.

    Outstanding functionality, unique Cut and Edit functions, fast and intuitive handling, and inimitable sound: Samplitude 7 is an indispensable tool for every serious studio or multimedia workstation.

    There will be two 7.0 versions on offer from the end of November.

    1. Samplitude 7.0 Classic € 499
    New: ASIO support, POW-R ™ Dithering, Batch processing, VST and DirectX plugins with latency compensation, and much more.

    2. Samplitude 7.0 Professional with real-time room simulation € 999
    New: as with Samplitude 7.0 Classic, plus native VST instruments (including single outputs), easy MIDI Editor and much more.

    All customers who purchased 6.0 versions after 01.05.02 may purchase the update (including new manuals) at a price that reflects the price difference between the old and the new version.

    Samplitude 7 will also be offered as a SAM FOR RENT version.

    SAM FOR RENT means that you pay a monthly royalty and will always have the latest Samplitude version. This fair model now also offers all users of non-licensed versions the chance to finally work with the original versions.
    SAM FOR RENT not only has the charm of a moderately priced introduction, but also offers the professional world constant technical relevance without extra charge.

    How does SAM FOR RENT work?
    Agree to rent Samplitude for more than 25 months and receive for the entire period quarterly notices of all innovations and updates. The rent is charged monthly to your bank or savings account, or to your credit card.
    Samplitude 7 Classic costs € 19.99. Samplitude 7 Professional costs € 39.99.
    We are confident that the service and distribution re-organization will now offer new and existing customers the continuity and support they deserve.
    Finally, we would like to thank you for your understanding, and look forward to working with you in the future.

    Dieter Rein
  2. knightfly

    knightfly Active Member

    Jan 18, 2002
    All I can say is "'bout damn time" - oh, and I hope to high heaven they lose the damn dongle somewhere up Apple/Emagic's you-know-which hole... Now, since I upgraded to 6.0 BEFORE the deadline, I wonder how nice they plan to be to loyal, Ver.4 vintage users like me... Steve
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