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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by rex, May 25, 2004.

  1. rex

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    Hello there, for all

    Can somebody help me, i'm an amateur recordist , i often record
    choruses, small ensambles, sometimes whole symph orch.

    I'd like to by a main stereo pair mic for these performers.
    I have - 3 Neumann KM84 (old poor sounded)
    -2 Neumann KM 183 (new)
    -2 Neumann TLM 103
    -2 AKG Solidtude

    I'm thinking around Neumann USM 69i or AKG C462?B
    or Soundfield ???

    Yes , I know it depends on what micing method, but
    please try to help me with some tips.

    Deep THX

  2. tomtom

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    Gee, I wish I had your KM 84s. Why don't you try to get them fixed?
    I have the newer KM184. I like them. Maybe not as my main couple if i have something else, but they make great spot microphones. Since you seem to be in the classical recording thing, you should definately try dpa microphones.
    the omnis are wonderful for spaced AB stereo pickups.
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    Of the mics that you mentioned, I have a hard time imagining you doing better than an AKG 426... It is the go-to mic for me in my collection as a main pickup- it can do any kind of coincident pickup ( Blumlein, X-Y, M-S, etc...) and because of the variable pattern, anything in between.

    The sound is smooth and warm, too... unlike most AKG mics and many Neumanns. In a good room, it sounds amazing. In a bad room, it somehow still sounds good... (Unlike Schoeps which can tell you exactly how bad your room is). I guess it slightly colors the sound, but in a good way.

    My 426 and a set of B&K 4006's is my standard chorus and orchestral mic selection.


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