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    I have never used any power conditioning just good quality multi IEC outputs and never had many problems. However in the last 6 months light bulbs have been blowing like crazy in the studio, it certainly shows that there is a problem with the incoming mains and I dread to think what it is doing to my equipment and the sound. I have read a little on the subject and have heard that the 4/6 way power strips with surge protection can affect transients and such like in your music as can UPS systems.

    What do the World class facilities use to clean up their power? What are the things to look for?
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    Can you get yourself an AC voltmeter and put it across the line? It almost sounds like the power that is coming into your studio is too high. Convention in the USA is 117 volts AC. This means that anything between 110 VAC and 125 VAC should be fine. If it is higher than 125 volts light bulbs will not last as long and may blow out. If you find that it is much higher like 130 or 135 volts you should call you local utility and ask them what the problem maybe. They have "taps" on their transformer that they can adjust the secondary voltage that is feeding your house and others on your street.

    We use a couple of things.

    Topaz Ultra Isolator transformers (good for line noise)

    CORCOM AC line filters

    For our computer a Tripp Lite voltage stabalizer which will take the incoming voltage and increase or decrease it in 3 volt steps plus a APC UPS for backup AC power.

    We also just purchased a new Monster Cable Power Unit that is shown here which maybe something you need to consider

    Hope this helps.

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