Major CD/concert project calls for Jazz/Pop song submissions

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  1. A few more songs needed for a 2CD set which will be published in December.
    First CD: “A Day in Love”
    2nd CD: “A Wish for Peace”

    -Songs: 1.) strong melody hook, 2.) quality lyrics in English for female vocalist
    -You: flexibility for us to make changes to the music if needed.
    -We will not accept any songs that have already been published.
    -The copyright must belong to the writer.
    -Deadline is Sept. 15.

    You do not have to supply fully recorded pieces. We have award winning arrangers who will do this.

    1. Love song---for singer and stringed instruments. Jazz/Pop flavor preferred, however not required. (Examples: “la Historia de un amor” made famous by Eydie Gorme. “Sway” jazz standard)

    2.) Peace song---There are no arrangement limitations with this. It is fine if it has more of a rock feel. Lyrics must be related to peace, but nothing that hints of ‘preaching’. (Examples: “Black and White” by Three Dog Night. “Wonderful World” by Armstrong.)

    Contracts (to be negotiated case by case per the following principles):
    For established song writer---50-50 split per the industry standard.

    For non-established writer who has many songs we like---two choices:

    1.) 75/25* for the first 4 songs* or

    2.) 50-50 with 5 years Exclusive Representation or First Refusal for 50/50 if we publish fewer than 3 of your songs each year.

    Advantage for writers:
    You do not have to wait for the publisher to get the approval of a recording company. This is an ideal opportunity to be involved in a project that already has major marketing funds.

    -Recording in October and November with publishing in December
    -Major advertisements posted in all main subway lines in Taipei, Taiwan
    -First concert held in the National Concert Hall of Taipei, Taiwan
    -8 touring concerts in major halls in Taiwan and China
    -The main player/singer female group contains one celebrity (who also plays violin) and two cross-border musicians (one vocalist and one cellist)
    -The backup 16 piece string chamber group containing of 4 concert masters from major orchestras in Taiwan.
    -Further touring concerts arranged for US cities.
    -Publishing will include US market after initial publishing in Asia.

    Please submit mp3 (only) files to
    If we are interested in your song(s) we will contact you.
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