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Discussion in 'Music Business' started by MyOwnMusicBiz, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Feb 17, 2011
    Hello Everyone,

    I just launched and I believe it would be very helpful for anyone wanting to start their own music publishing company. The website explains how to register copyrights, publish, and license your music using your own online music licensing store. You also keep 100% of the profits. also explains how to obtain your DBA registration, business tax ID, website domain name and register with a performance rights organization. You should also consider registering your business trademark if you have long term goals, therefore the differences between registered (R) and unregistered trademarks (tm, sm) are outlined. Links to and are also included.

    I graduated from Berklee College of Music and created to help other musicians take care of their music business and earn money.

    Please share the site. The info is free and I'm available to help if needed.

  2. It is great Jonathan. It's really not that easy to make money as a musician. But in publishing is the best option for the people, Who wants to work with the music and also to earn money. I will surly try your site and recommend to my friends.
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