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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by pablotx, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. pablotx

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    Hey guys,

    New to this forum. I have been researching mics for a while now, and it is difficult to get a wealth of information from one source. I want to create a multi-relationship database for microphone information that will assist members in choosing mics for certain things.

    What I am hoping that the forum members can do is provide me information and ratings about microphones that they are familiar with.
    Name, Type of Mic, Uses, Cost, Rating.

    Example: Neuman U87, large condensor, Vocals=exc; Acoustic Guitar=Exc; Overhead=Avg; Cost $2500. Overall rating 99.

    Also have notes about the mic, if you tried it in a certain situation and it rocked or not. I will compile all of the information and put it into a database to where you can query for anything. If you want to know what would be good for a high hat, you could run a search on all mics that are above a 80 rating for high hat. If you want just a list of all dynamic mics, you could run a search. If you wanted to search by price you could. You should see where I am going with this now.

    Let me know what ya'll think. I am anxious to start on this project because I think it could be beneficial to alot of people. Thanks
  2. maintiger

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    Dec 3, 2003
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    great project! If you go to the manufacturer's website you can get a lotta technical info on most mics. I've printed two 3" binders worth of info when I was researching mics myself and it is invaluable when researching. The idea of having members who have used them comment on them is also good, but be aware that people will have varying degrees of technical experience and the opinions will vary- in some cases they won't be very reliable either. Someone who has never heard a Neumann might think a marshall mic great and someone who usually works with top mics and has never heard a rode mic might say that they suck without checking it out for themselves. in other words, opinions have to be taken with a great of salt- Otherwise is a great project and could be a great resource for everyone-
  3. pablotx

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    Been working on the design of the database and it is pretty much all set. I wanted to attach, but can't figure out how to do an attachment of a word document. I am thinking if I can get a large volume of replies, I would be able to gauge the good vs. bad.

    If you know how I can upload the database for ya'll to peruse, let me know. Any responses helpful.[/img]
  4. Kurt Foster

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    Rycote already does this ... it's called the "MicrophoneData" ... it doesn't have any rateings ... but IMO that's a good thing. Rateings are subjective information and opinions my vary .. I prefer to have just factual data and to leave the" opinionating" for places like RO ...
  5. inLoco

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    Jul 25, 2004
    B&H Pro audio has that database!
    mics, pres, etc... is a great tool!
  6. B&H Pro audio has that database!

    LINK, please...
  7. inLoco

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    Jul 25, 2004
    [DLMURL="link removedB&H mics[/DLMURL]
  8. Thanks :cool:

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