Making "fake" drums sound more "real"?

Discussion in 'Drums' started by DISK, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. DISK

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    So I am using Sonar 3 PE. I recorded some tracks with midi drums. I then used my Casio keyboards drum sounds and just triggered them with Sonar. I used the 1/4" stereo out (headphone) out of the keyboard and ran that through my tube pre-amp into my Layla24. They sound ok, but definitely not what I am looking for. I was thinking of using one of my plugins (Edirol) and then splitting the midi drum track into 3 seperate midi tracks. That way I can have more control over the panning of each drum. For example, snare & kick panned center, hi-hat a little to the right, etc..

    Anyone ever done anything like this? Did it yield good results? Is there anything I could do to make the drums sound better? Anyone have suggestions as to where I should pan everything to get them to sound real?

    Thanks in advance to any and all responses!
  2. mcmilliron

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    check out Drumkit From Hell
  3. Kswiss

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    As well as DFH i've used fruityloops with some nice sounding samples. Not nearly as good as DFH though. You can print the drums to seperate tracks and then use a plug in like drumagog to replace all the fake hits with real samples, but the dynamics will suck. So if you can somehow change the velocities and then use dynamic samples you'd get a semi-realistic drum sound. What i've been doing lately when i can't mike real drums is to get a good sounding drum mix, and then mike them through my drum room so i get a real room sound. It adds tons of realism, but you have to have alright sounding samples first.
  4. DISK

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    Where could I get some good drum samples? Any particular company make really good ones?
  5. Kswiss

    Kswiss Guest you get loops plus the single hits.
  6. DISK

    DISK Guest

    cool, thanks!
  7. gumplunger

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    Mar 25, 2005
    Drumkit from hell Superior has been the most sucessful for me. Between the room mics and the mic bleed and all the other details, it's worked pretty well, or as well as fake drums can.
  8. Johnjm22

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    BFD is also excellent. Better then DKFH in my opinion.

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