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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Ruriko, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Here's the video clip video.avi
    At 0:13 the rockets fly behind the rock and then it crashes. How can I make it sound like the rockets are coming from behind the rock? and you know when it crashes the rocks start falling how can I make it sound like that?

    Please note I use Audacity & Soundbooth

    Here's the bomb sound effect bomb-ground.mp3
    This is the rock slide sound effect Rockslide_SE2.mp3
    This is the rocket sound effect missile_louder.mp3
    This is the flying rockets sound effect flying.mp3
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    Jan 31, 2010
    Not quite sure about what you mean with "coming from behind", but remember there has to be alot of depth to the sound here. You'll have to automate reverbs and levels and such. Also think about how the surroudings affect the sound. Imagine driving a car past buldings with the window down. You hear the reflections of the sound coming off the buidings, and the character changes when you are between them.

    I think what you have to work on is putting some depth in the mix to make it beleivable. Also, Why have you panned the sounds to the left right at the beginning? This makes no sense with what is happening on screen.

    Good luk, looking forward to seeing the finished product ;)
  3. You have to use a combination of dry and deep reverb as well as panning. To simulate in front sound, you should not be using reverb on that audio. However for track that seems far, you should be using some reverb on it and pan it away from the center. When played together, the dry sound (without reverb) sounds close but those with reverb will sound like it was coming from behind.

    I suggest to cut low end on the track with reverb because in reality, you notice that you will hear first the 300-3000Hz (human ear frequencies) of the sound before the bass, so cut the bass frequencies on track with reverb and adjust the volume. Experiment this one and you will slowly amazed with the results.
  4. By the way, I just create a sample tutorial about how to create a sound like it was coming from behind. I am using the audio samples you provided. Thanks.
  5. dvdhawk

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    Dec 18, 2008
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    The pitch of a moving sound source also varies relative to the listener's position. Classically demonstrated in your rocket fly-by sample which already has the Doppler Effect recorded into the clip.

    The Waves Doppler plug-in is good at simulating sounds moving past a stationary listener. Left <-> Right and moving toward you.

    Often times you may need multiple SFX clips that all have different characteristics and gently layer and dovetail them together into one seamless sound. Or it can be a single clip duplicated numerous times in your DAW, each version manipulated to achieve one aspect of the sound you're looking for, layered and mixed to embody all the traits at once, or transition from one trait to the next.

    I love sound design jobs, I wish there was more of that kind of work in my area.

    Best of luck.
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