Making way for instruments in the mix.

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    When I listen to most recordings of metal and heavier rock, it sounds like the frequencies of the guitars and bass were greatly limited to make way for most of the other instruments in the mix.

    My biggest concern is making way in the bottom and low-mid ranges for things such as the bass drum, bass guitar, and the "beef" of the guitar. Can someone possibly give me at least a jumping off point to start EQ'ing these things to get them to blend well? My lesser concern is the snare drum and toms to cut through the mid/high-mids of the guitars.

    One of the first things I learned on this forum was this: No two instruments can inhabit the same frequency at the same time. I can not remember who said it, but it was one of the big names and I have tried to revolve my mixing around it. Also, my teacher for the recording classes I took instilled a ideology of usage of subtractive-EQ'ing over additive. However, using these has been quite hard because I feel as though I am poking around in the dark. Could someone light a candle please? I am firm in my belief that practice with these techniques will push my post production mixes to the next level(s), but I do need some more initial help.

    Thanks so much! FYI, to give you an idea of the tools I have, I own the Waves Gold bundle and use Cubase SX3 with the Steinberg suite plug-ins.

    Thanks again!
    God bless.

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