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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by petermeechanuk, Sep 20, 2001.

  1. During a vocal recording today, I noticed the occasional click on the recording (similar to that created when a digital system can't quite cope or it's clocks are out of sync) about once every minute or so. After checking all of the clocks etc. I realised that it was coming from pre-ADC source (I saw one spike on the pre-amp during a take). The mic is a Manley valve Reference. A heater was left on in the room and the mic had become very warm - also the gain was up extremely high due to the quietest singer I've ever encountered. Could this cause any problems ? Does anyone have any ideas what may have caused the clicking ?

  2. pan

    pan Guest

    compressed SMACKs??? :confused:
  3. retreading

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    You can hear pretty strange things when the pre is cranked up at +60dB. Once it was a clock downstairs. Just recently, I was checking out a new pair of Royers, ribbon mics, and when we stopped playing, I started to hear a thumping. Now this was at 4:00AM in a residential neighborhood. It was totally random. But we finally traced it down to the recording hard drive we were using for tracking in the next room. The clicks were being low-pass-filtered through the carpet (so they came out as thumps rather than clicks), crossing the floor though a wall, and up the mic stand fifteen feet away. How did we find it? We lifted the mic stand and the thumps stopped. Put it down, and they started again. Couldn't hear anything like that in the room. Anyway, you might want to try to look for something wacky like this.
  4. Originally posted by pan:
    compressed SMACKs??? :confused:

    I thought I heard (and saw), a click when the singer was nowhere near the mic, although I could be imagining it - it was a long day. I'm going to leave the mic on with no-one in the room for an hour or so whilst recording to see if it re-occurs.

    Does anyone think this may be an intermitent mic fault or is more likely environmental ?

  5. riconga

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    Mar 20, 2001
    Its that fuckin piece of $*^t manley. you better send it to me before it does some real damage and go get yourself a joe meek
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