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  1. chrissugar

    chrissugar Guest

    For those who own MANLEY equipment there is a possibility to obtain the schematic for the device you own. All you have to do, is send a mail to MANLEY, and specify the model of your device, serial number, and the dealer from where you bought it, and request the schematics. You can find information about the procedure at MANLEY customer tech support. They will send you the schematics in PDF format.
    I would be curious to see how they done the MASSIVE-PASSIVE. Anyone here has the MASSIVE-PASSIVE schematic ? Does anyone saw the schematic of the passive eq [EQ-500] designed by ART DAVIS and built by ALTEC LANSING and UNIVERSAL RECORDING ?
    By the way, Jakob, I saw on your page the Gyratec XIV and it looks very similar to the MASSIVE. That is the company you are talking about?

  2. gyraf

    gyraf Guest

    Hi Chris,


    I have'n´t their schematic yet, but I know a producer that owns one - so the next time he's in the studio, I'll try calling for a manual..

    I had his open, and to my disappointment I found opamps in the input. They also say this in the mamual, if you read closely. But all this hype about esoteris inductors? In the Hi/lo-pass at least, they use standard inductors from - Farnell :)

    I'm still working on the shelving stuff for this.

    Jakob E
  3. chrissugar

    chrissugar Guest

    Thank you Jakob for the fast reply

    Anyway,I'm still curious to see the schematics, mainly the passive eq part, so if you can obtain it please give me a sign.
    A friend has the VOXBOX and I almost bought it cheap. I will ask the guy to request the schematic.

  4. Viitalahde

    Viitalahde Guest

    I'm interrested in the Massive Passive schematics, too. This is very funny, the Farnell inductor thing.. I've read the manual a dozen times (I find it nice reading) and there they really point out how very very important it is to design the inductors to make this and that.. And then they use the Farnell models. I quess it's about money, too. These inductors are cheap - and the DC resistance doesn't matter in shelving section as much.

    I've been thinking about making a 18db hi/lo pass filters from capacitors and inductors only and add it to the parametric EQ I build one day. Just to remove some electronics..

  5. Are there any updates on this topic? Someone get any schematics?
  6. kent

    kent Guest

    I've got a couple things from a friend who will remain nameless. Since the place I work are Manley dealers and the stuff they make is absolutely awesome and Evana is paranoid (and maybe rightly so) I won't post them. I would, however, email them to someone (or even two) who would swear on their mother's grave not to post them but compare them to the Gates Sta-level or the Universal Audio Vari-Mu's. This with the whole intent on making a new DIY project out of it. Cloning the Manley would be hard anyway since the output tranny is pretty wacky.
  7. kent

    kent Guest

    ...uhhh that was kind of a hint to Jakob. ;)
  8. gyraf

    gyraf Guest


    Count me in!


    Jakob E
  9. peterc

    peterc Guest

    Hi Kent

    I'd luuurrve to see some of those.

    David Manley used to live here in Johannesburg, owned a post production studio, & I have a pair of Leak TL12+ chassis that he modded & burnt out a lot of components on. They have an engraved plate on them with his name & address etc. Eve-anna is his daughter I believe.

    Anyone for Trivial Pursuit?..

  10. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    I'm not saying anything.
    just wanted to make sure you didn't forget me.

    for anyone else whatching this thread,
    "I don't know what they are talking about and it's nothing to do with me and it's not my fault and .... "
  11. kent

    kent Guest


    Check your email. For the rest of you: ask Jakob cuz sending these files is taking way too long... uhh, what files? Did I say files. Must have been my grocery list or something.

    Pete, I heard Evana was his ex. Something like he flew the coop and left her with the biz although I would think there was an age difference. I could just be talking out of my ass since I'm just repeating non-reliable information.

    kent (I hate 56k)
  12. Silonex Inc.
  13. peterc

    peterc Guest

    Oops. Sorry Eveanna. He was a real character and a bit of a wild man to boot. Very controversial.

  14. chrissugar

    chrissugar Guest

    Hi all

    Jakob, please can you send me that "grocery list"? Kent, I promise it will be just a source of inspiration.

  15. Viitalahde

    Viitalahde Guest


    sorry Kent, it was Jakob who now had the schematics.. Can I have them, Jakob? Please.. We even have a similar name. :D

  16. gyraf

    gyraf Guest

    Hi Folks

    Hold your breath for a little longer - I'm cleaning up the grocery list, trying to make it a little more handy. Possibly PDF'ing it for easier wieving/printing.

    This one is funny - VERY close to what I'd come up with in my own G10 design :)

    Jakob E
  17. Hi all!

    Well I guess this "nothing" is worth waiting for so if it is possible, please put me on the mail list. Insperation is always good...The calrec was nice insperation which made me focus on the rite thing....something is coming...

    CU Magnus
  18. Is there also a schematic of a VoxBox?
  19. verbos

    verbos Guest

    is it possible that I could get forwarded the grocery list also? I would love to know what you guys are buying.

  20. Viitalahde

    Viitalahde Guest

    Jakob & Kent,

    thank you VERY much for this effort. I really appreciate it, dudes.. I own you one. And might even know how.. ;)

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