March Of The Trolls

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Ifrit, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Ifrit

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    I just realized that I have a question stuck in my head for four days now: what stand behind the Grieg's piece " March Of The Trolls"? I know that it's based on Norwegian folk story, but maybe somebody can tell me that story? Who are those Trolls, where do they marching, why do they do it? Just interesting. Search on the internet didn't give much light.
    Thank you!
  2. bap

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    Nov 22, 2003
    Do a search under 'Peer Gynt' and you should find some info.
  3. JoeH

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    Jun 22, 2004
    Philadelphia, PA/ Greenville, DE
    Home Page:
    It's on Disc 9, track three. Lots of scrolling, but if you get to it, you can click on the link and hear it as well:

    As far as I know, it's one of his many, many miniatures for piano.
  4. bap

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    Nov 22, 2003
    That's a lot of piano music! I have a bit of Griegs music for piano in printed form but only play the Holberg Suite.

    That piano music was all written during the salon era. Edward was a star and evidently really cranked the stuff out.

    Bernard Shaw certainly had nothing good to say about Griegs popular piano concerts in London.
  5. Boltino

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    Whew, I thought for a second that walters was back. Carry on.
  6. Ifrit

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    Thanks for responses... It's not from Per Gynt play, well, at least there is no mentioning in it.

    Yes. I heard it a lot, but just kind of interesting, how he came up with ideas, is some particular story, or just generalizations of folklore.

    Thanks again!
  7. Ifrit

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    ??? Who's Walters?
  8. Boltino

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    Sorry, my response was kind of random with no context. About a month ago, a guy named walters started posting on RO non-stop. There was alot of discussion and eventually he was dubbed a "troll" and kicked off. Several more posts from the moderators mentioned this incident and imposed some new "anti-troll" rules. I saw your subject line "March of the Trolls" and thought walters had reincarnated to annoy us all again. Obviously, when I read your post I realized that this was not the case, but I made an off-the-cuff joke anyway. Again, sorry for posting random stupidity on your thread.

  9. Ifrit

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    Could you tell me what Shaw had to say at all about that? Could you recommend something in particular?
  10. bap

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    Nov 22, 2003
    Shaws opinion should not always be taken as gospel - his ideas changed over time.

    The book I was thinking of is London Music in 1888-1889 as Heard by Corno di Bassetto Later Known as Bernard Shaw.
    It is a collection of his writings as music critic for the London Star newspaper during those years and makes for an entertaining read.

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