Marhsall 1960BV problem

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    I have a 4x12 Marshall with Vintage 30's that has been used for about 15 years with no issue, this year alone it's done almost 100 shows from coast to coast and back again. The ONE show we did in canada where the club made us let the opening bands use it, the guy plugs a 5150 in @ 8ohm (into the 16ohm in) and all the sudden my cab doesn't work. At 16 ohm, I have no output, at 4 ohm, I get two speakers (with the switch in the mono position). Any ideas?

    Setup as follows:

    stringy thing
    Fargen Dual classic 50 watt with A/B/Y configuration (no channel switching)
    Marshall 4x12


    not promoting with this thread, but if you want to hear the band:
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    My guess: his jack plug has bent the contacts of the jack socket on your Marshall. Fit a new jack socket and bill it to the venue.

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