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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by The Valar, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. The Valar

    The Valar Guest

    I've been using an Echo Mia for a while now but i recently purchased a Marian Marc ADAT card and a Behringer ADA8000.
    Installed it all without a hitch and it all works very well(running both the card and ada8000 at 24/44.1).

    I'm using it in Nuendo v1.6 under Windows 98se (using the Marians ASIO drivers).
    Because i rarely use softsynths,I usually set the cards buffer pretty high and then rely on Nuendo's Direct Monitoring for latency free recording and playback.

    However,although the Marian's ASIO driver DOES support Direct Monitoring(it isnt greyed-out in the devices dialog) doesn't seem to work (the Direct Monitoring,that is) :(

    If i play back a previously recorded track,it plays back fine,as it should.
    But if i plug an instrument into a track to monitor it before recording,i cannot hear it,nor does the VST Outputs window in Nuendo register any signal.
    The only way for me to hear it is if i hit the monitor button in the track inspector,and of course,this forces it to monitor through the software and i thus get latency(although this latency is only for playback,if i record this way the resulting track ends up perfectly in sync,however its playback "when i was recording it" was latent and out of sync.

    I hate software monitoring...i do not want to go there :S

    So my question is....Why isn't direct monitoring working?

    Why can't i hear anything when the card should be busing the audio "directly" back to me?
    Why am i "forced" to use software monitoring?

    It worked bloody lovely in the Mia and that card's win98 drivers didnt even support direct monitoring!(still trying to work that out actually)

    Or to put it more bluntly....What on Earth am I doing wrong?

    PIII 800Mhz
    256MB RAM
    20GB/40GB IDE HDDs
    Windows 98se
    Nuendo v1.6
    Marian Marc ADAT
    Behringer ADA8000
    Everything @ 24/44.1
  2. heinz

    heinz Guest

    fwiw I have the marc a and in using it with samplitude have not encountered the same problem. Any chance this is a Nuendo issue?

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