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    Hello to everyone on I'm new to you're website as I found it interesting when i was looking round on google. Anyway I need a little bit of help about the marketing of recording studios. I know it may sound a little silly to most people but can anyone tell me all about marketing in recording studios?
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    Nov 13, 2001
    not silly

    a friend and I were talking about this last night
    ... and other stuff related to the industry

    unfortunately we concluded it was time to get out ... or sit back and not invest

    Our biggest trouble is every owns a DAW and a couple of mics and mic-pres
    but they just don't get that owning MS-Word does not make you an author or a journalist
    and the same goes for a DAW or Video Editor S/W

    You must SELL the things about the studio that are not in the clients homes
    specialist equipment
    AND most important

    specialist skills ... that's your people !
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