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  1. Juliana

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    I previously asked about the versatility of a degree in communications for a career in the music business (specifically at a label), would a marketing degree be helpful also?

    and by also i mean instead of. :lol:

    Thanks. (and sorry for the repetitiveness of my posts. I just have no one else who knows anything about the business.)
  2. Juliana

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    I probably should have mentioned that I'm not necessarily looking to work in the marketing department of the label... I'm looking more towards A&R.
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    The more and varied a background you can bring to a job the better chances are for success in that job. Anything that helps you to understand what you are doing is a valid. Whether it be real world experience or courses taken as part of your higher education degree. I would think that Marketing would be a good thing to know a lot about as an A&R person.

    The most important thing you can bring to a job is your people skills and the experience of actually doing that job - everything else is secondary.
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    Experience is priceless

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