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    The BMaselec MLA-3B is a three band compressor with comprehensive controls for a very wide range of sounds. Adjustable crossover frequencies and exceptionally accurate summing of the three bands.

    The input signal is split into three frequency-bands. Each band is passed through a stereo compressor where gain and compression can be altered. The outputs of the compressors are then re-combined and fed to the outputs.

    There are four different frequencies for each of the two crossovers that can be separately selected for the low-to-mid and the mid-to-high bands. The three frequency-band compressors have separate controls so that different parts of the audio spectrum can be adjusted and tuned.

    With separate gain controls for each frequency-band, the MLA-3 can be used as an equalizer.

    You can always adjust the controls for the separate frequency bands to different settings. There is no technical reason why they should be the same for all frequencies. Overall Input and Output gain controls make it easy to set up for different operating levels.

    The inputs are electronically balanced, virtually ground floating, making them perform as if they are transformer coupled, but without the associated colouration, low frequency distortion and restricted bandwidth. The input impedance is 100kohm. Maximum input level is >+29dBu (balanced).

    The outputs are electronically balanced and can deliver >+28dBu into 600ohm (balanced). Output impedance is 33ohm (balanced and unbalanced). The inputs and outputs can be unbalanced by simply grounding either pin 2 or pin 3.

    h=3Maselec MLA-3's specificationshBInput ImpedanceB : 100 kohm
    BMaximum input levelB : +29dBu (0dBu = 0.775V)
    BThresholdsB : -10dBu to +20dBu
    BTypical THD (ratio 1:1)B : <-90dB
    BBandwidthB : Greater than 1Hz to 500kHz
    BTypical NoiseB : -90dBu
    BMaximum Output levelB : +28dBu
    BOutput impedanceB : 33 ohm

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