Master fader out levels for mix down.

Discussion in 'Recording' started by rsp2rsp2, Mar 2, 2009.

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    In Cubase, if I wanting to do an audio mix down (in order to master in Wavelab using processing), what is a safe level for the master outs? Should I keep it in the green-yellow (or can it creep into the read every so often? Should I not let it past 0db (as I can always increase it during mastering)?
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    Definitly do not let it pass 0db for sure. i'm not sure what the others will have to say, but as a pretty standard practice for me, i try to keep the peaks around higher than that really.
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    i record at 24 bit and i keep mine at -6db to -8db so allows for some headroom.
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    Giving yourself some headroom always makes more sense. Especially if you want a Mastering Engineer "to make it better". You don't want to pay a ME just for damage control. You want them to give you that extra sparkle. You need some sparkle space to make that happen. And so, 24-bit mastering, makes sense in that situation as it gives you more room to move further down. So being lower doesn't mean it's not good. It means you have some sense to yourself and will end up with a superior product because of it.

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    Remy could you explain a little more about that last comment. It seems really interesting, and I would like to know more. Particularly the part about 24 bit recording and the sparkle bit, and how it allows you to have lower volume levels while retaining quality. Is that true?
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    i hear you.
  7. Imaginaryday

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  8. rsp2rsp2

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    really? as far down as -8db?
  9. rsp2rsp2

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    helpful. thanks!
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    You lose nothing (nothing audible) by mixing with peaks at -8dB.

    When it goes to the mastering stage of the lifecycle, they can slam it up 0dBFS once they're finished with their magic, when the producer starts prodding them in the back.

    Even if you master it yourself you should keep it lower on mixdown. Then when you master it, you can slam it.

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