Mastering at Fantasy Studios in Berkley, CA

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by Hardnox, Apr 15, 2002.

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  1. Hardnox

    Hardnox Guest

    Any feedback on the mastering done at this studio? I'm searching for a mastering house in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  2. brad

    brad Guest

  3. joe lambert

    joe lambert Distinguished Member

    Oct 17, 2001
    321 West 44th Street Suite 1001
    Home Page:
    I'm not familiar with the place. Are they new?
  4. Hardnox

    Hardnox Guest

    No they're not new.

    Santans's "Supernatural" was recorded there, also Green Day "Dookie" was done there too. There is a ton of history at that studio, I just haven't heard the mastering work.
  5. brad

    brad Guest

  6. Dave McNair

    Dave McNair Active Member

    Mar 6, 2001
    Fantasy Mastering has been around for a long time. I think the chief guy there is George Horn. Maybe do a search on and see what comes up.
  7. johnlagrou

    johnlagrou Distinguished Member

    Feb 11, 2001
    Northern California
    Home Page:
    I've heard good reports about George's mastering work. Some others in the Bay Area to check out would be John Cuniberti at The Plant Mastering in Sausalito and Michael Romanowski, formerly of Rocket Labs but now independent. Bob Olssohn recently moved from the Bay Area to Nashville, but he might dial in that "Bay Area sound" if you ask real nice. :)

  8. Bob Olhsson

    Bob Olhsson Distinguished Member

    Feb 13, 2001
    Nashville TN
    Home Page:
    It depends on what you need. Here's some biographical info. about the three most experienced mastering engineers in the Bay Area. You wouldn't go wrong with any of them.

    George Horn is the most experienced. He learned at CBS Records, worked at Kendun in LA for several years and then returned to the Bay Area when Fantasy opened their facility. This is a typical first class label-owned facility and George has probably mastered more hit records than anybody else in town.

    (510) 549-2500

    George taught Paul Stubblebine at CBS and Paul held down the CBS facility after David Rubinson took over the studio. Paul is internationally renowned for audiophile recordings as well as indi acoustic albums. He was the first in the country to do HDCD mastering. Paul built (but did not own) the now defunct Rocket Labs. He currently works out of the former Wally Heiders' Studio C in San Francisco. If you want exotic analog gear or a 1" two-track, Paul's your man.

    (415) 469-0123

    Ken Lee learned at Sonic Arts and moved on to do superb work at Mobile Fidelity and Rocket before going on his own. When I left Ken seemed to be the busiest mastering engineer in town with many very satisfied clients across all genres.

    (510) 428-9276
  9. Hardnox

    Hardnox Guest

    Gary Cirimelli recently contacted us about mastering. Talked to him last week. He's a real nice guy. His latest work as you may know was Neal Schon's Grammy-nominated album which Gary produced/mixed/mastered.

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