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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by thinktank2, May 20, 2005.

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    I'm going to try to master an album I just finished and was
    curious about the signal chain. The music is not, but sounds
    a lot like Tom Petty with the drums etc... Be that as it may,
    I've recording to tape then dropped it in digitally through
    apogee's to do some edits.

    I have an apogee psx100se that I'm listening through and
    have the following outboard gear. Manley Elop, Vari-Mu,
    Massive Passive, API 550A's, LA2A's, Ampex 440 2 track,
    and a few other miscellaneous. I'm running the outputs of
    the apogee into my trident 80 board and then from there
    into my monitors.

    I'm just trying to find a starting point for hooking up a nice
    chain for mastering. For instance, eq before compression (if
    needed) or compression before eq, and also out of the apogee
    first, then into the outboard gear, but bypass the console
    completely and go straight into the speakers. Stuff like that.
    Any help or insight would be great. Thanks.

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    The only "rule of thumb" I *normally* follow is: Corrective EQ before compression and shaping EQ after.

    Other than that (and as usual, I hate to sound cryptic) you need to hook up the chain that each individual mix is asking for.

    Listen, visualize, setup, go.
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    Thanks for the tip.

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