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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by mixopenta, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. mixopenta

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    Hello all,

    Please forgive me if I'm being totally out of line here, but I wanted to ask for some advice and opinions on a project I've been partly involved in.

    I've been doing some keyboard overdubs for this band, but also recorded two tracks in my garage.

    With a few exceptions all other tracks have been recorded in different commercial studios in and around the area. The recording has been going on for about two years, so the result does vary quite a bit.

    You might guess that the question I'm going to ask, is if you'd think it would be possible to fix the discrepancies by mastering.

    Here, in Sweden a mastering would cost the band $1500-1600, and IMO I don't think it's worth it. My suggestion to the band has been to re-record the whole album to make it more coherent to begin with, and then master. But I'm not a pro, so that's only my 10 cents...

    So I turn to this forum, which I enjoy reading almost everyday, and I know there are a lot of pro's here who seem to know the in's and out's of the business.

    Here's a link to all the songs:

    (Click on the link: 'The Songs')

    FYI: Track 1 and 12 are the tracks recorded in my garage, the rest is as already said, recorded in commercial studios.

    And I apologize once again, if this post is not suitable for this forum, just ignore it.

  2. kozzy

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    recording discrepancies

    Hi, Had the same problem12 songs 3 studios 3 different flavours so bought a multi track did it myself. gave us all vauble time and experience on recording, for little cost (£600) having produced the album to areasonable std. We can now choose a studio that is on our wave length and put the tracks down with everybody in agreement.
    saves time and money,and we get the results quicker and professionally finished. best £600 we ever spent. ps we also record our live shows and put it to film, may be a bit rough but you find out pretty quick your short falls!javascript:emoticon(':oops:')
  3. britbrian

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    I think you may be able to to obtain some consistancy through EQ analysis and correction. I have emailed you with some test results.
    I got the email address from your web site, so I hope it's correct.
  4. Michael Fossenkemper

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    Sep 12, 2002
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    I think mastering could bring it together. there are a couple of songs that could use a remix to bring them up to snuff. I would think trying out some mastering would be much cheaper than re-recording everything.
  5. mixopenta

    mixopenta Guest

    Hi all, and thanks for your replies.

    Michael, you said that some tracks could use remixing to bring them up to snuff.

    Can I ask you to expand on this? What tracks would you advice to remix? It would be nice to have some pro's input in deciding what tracks should stay, and what tracks to revamp.

    (or, we might acquire those Brittish EQ's that can fix the dynamics) :wink:
  6. mikehattem

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    will there be no living down that ridiculous remark??? then again for something that ridiculous maybe there shouldn't be any living it down. :)


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