Discussion in 'Guitars' started by BydLo, Mar 19, 2004.

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  1. BydLo

    BydLo Guest

    Hi, I am new on this forum of mastering.

    I am recording a classical guitar trhough my rode nt1000 and mackie mixer to Pc (I know it is not the best but...) and find that the same recording mastered at 94 % sounds much better than mastered at 100 %, could that be posible that it sounds like compressed????. Thank you for any information you could give me.
  2. joe lambert

    joe lambert Distinguished Member

    Oct 17, 2001
    321 West 44th Street Suite 1001
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    What do you mean 100%. Do you mean using 100% of your digi. meter? If so that's probably way to high for just accoustic guitar. You may be over limiting it. I find an anolog VU meter much better for referencing averate leveaverage levels.
    If it's classical guitar I would guess the artist wants minimal compression at best. Keep comparing it to the original source to make sure what your doing is improving it. If not better to do nothing than make it worse.
  3. Don Grossinger

    Don Grossinger Distinguished past mastering moderator Active Member

    Jan 16, 2002
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    Just as a continuation of what Joe said:

    I would not compress this at all. It should sound very natural & unstressed. If I was to normalize this at all ( I would be VERY careful about this) it would be as an entire program after relative song levels have been set. This is not pop material and should be treated differently. Check other classical guitar CDs for comparitive levels to see where the "market" has their levels set.

    Be Relaxed

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