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    I have a custom built mastering desk with the normal stuff on it plus a few extra gadgets on it like separate sum and differance controls with inserts on those also so if a mix does not have enough vox or kick or center itself I can Sum those to mono also with the sides. But I still have a 1/4inch gold patchbay. And I want to switch over to a relay patching matrix. DO any of you consider this a bad Idea. My monitoring system was painstakingly designed to be passive except the mono switch. I just dont want to spend another 5-7k and not like the system.The other thing is that I have buffered in and outs on the output gain controls of the desk which do up to 38 db of gain. But I had a set of Transformers installed on the output section so they are switchable between transformer and Transformerless output stages and on some of the new protools mixes I have to master it sounds great. But I was wondering if anybody has a source on really really high grade transformers. I have a set of Jensen's in their now But I am always looking for something better.
    Lastly I am putting together a more Budget oriented room and was thinking of putting a set of Neumann PEV eqs in their on top of all of the other stuff. I can't remember how those things sound.Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Mark
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