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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by tommyd, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Any good basic tips for doing a separate master for something that will be hosted on Myspace?

    I've got our song up, and the mp3 file on my computer sounds fine. But the streaming on Myspace gives it a real 'swish-y' type quality, especially on the cymbals.

    Any tips on mixing/mastering for specifically for streaming audio?
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    I don't change a thing -

    If I'm not mistaken, MySpace uses something similar to the old - The file you upload is converted *again* for some incredibly unusual reason that I probably wouldn't comprehend.

    There really isn't any way around it - It's only going to sound as good as their conversion allows it to.
  3. tommyd

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    I definitely agree that Myspace cheapens the sound up. It's just that I've noticed on a lot of my mixes, the cymbals really get screwy sounding on Myspace...yet I hear other mixes where the cymbals just don't seem to do that.
  4. tommyd

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    I just took down about 12db around 6.5k. Seems to have helped a lot for Myspace. Now I'll just have to listen to a non-mp3 on good monitors and see if my normal mix had too much 6.5 in it.

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