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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by John Murphy, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. John Murphy

    John Murphy Guest

    Does anyone know of any reasonably priced mastering studios in the uk.
    I've just finished a track and before sending it out to club dj's i'd like to get it mastered.
    Altho i appreciate some mastering studios charge a lot,i'm guessing most of there clients are from record companies that can afford this kind of budget.
    I'm looking for somewhere that can do a good job with material from a project studio with a limited budget.

  2. errollem

    errollem Guest

    Although we are settled in Holland we work
    also for other countries.
    Also for England.

    Our price is till june euro 80,- p/h
    After that it will be euro 90,- p/h
    A album premaster will cost euro 130,-.
    A single premaster will cost euro 75,-
    Premaster is on exabyte incl. a backup master on CDr (mitsui gold) and a reference cd.

    For an album it will be around 4 hours and
    a single around 1,5 hours.
    This working time is depending on the quality of your mix.

    If you want also the Bob katz treatment (see, at this moment the only one in Europe) you pay an extra euro 250,-

    We working for a lot of welknown dutch dj,s
    like marcello, brian S, chemistry, Id&t etc.

    The costs of sending the masters is
    around euro 30,-

    Look at our website and you also can see what kind of equipment were using.

    Best wishes,

    Cut 'n' Clear Music
    Errol Lem
  3. John Murphy

    John Murphy Guest

    Thanks Errol,for the link but i can't understand any of the site language.When will the english version be ready?

  4. errollem

    errollem Guest

    zo snel als mogelijk................uhhhhhhhh
    I mean, a.s.ap.

    Our website has to renovate and one of our partners is almost ready with a new engine.

    There is a lot of information about cd-productions like why do I need a glassmaster and what is a booklet etc. This is not interesting for you I guess.

    The info about mastering will be in english a.s.a.p.

    I can email you our international pricelist if you like.


    Errol Lem
  5. John Murphy

    John Murphy Guest

    All i want is for the song to be mastered.i.e. I send you a copy of the track on CD.You send me back a copy with mastering compression,eq or whatever is needed.Is this possible with your company?
    In the first instance i will be burning them to CDR myself.So glassmasters e.t.c wont be what i am after.

  6. Gold

    Gold Active Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    All my electronic music clients in NYC who wan't lacquers cut say "cut it like The Exchange". I guess that's the place to go in London. From the work I have heard on vinyl they cut very hot and manage to make it sound good despite the levels. I don't know how their CD mastering is.
  7. adam_w1

    adam_w1 Guest

    Yeah, "The Exchange" is pretty popular, the guy there is Mike Marsh, and they have done quite a few fairly big UK releases, vinyl & CD and favour an analog path. Costs around GBP 1K + vat (17.5%) for an LP length project last time I looked.

    I have a friend who also talks highly of Duncan at Sound Mastering sound mastering

    Masterpiece cuts a lot of 12"

    Cheaper options include "SRT" in Cambridgeshire
    and Turan Audio in Oxford.
  8. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    My faves are Ray Staff & John Davis at Sony....

    None of the budget places have knocked me out recently....

    You might try East London Cassettes...

    There was a sweaty guy in a broom closet there with a Tripple Dat set up that was quite good.. I bet he has better gear now...

    I do my own a lot of the time.... for $$ reasons..


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