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    Hello all,

    I rarely visit this forum (though now that I've rediscovered it, that may change) so I don't know the protocols for this post. If it's not cool, Michael can please delete it. But hopefully it will be of interest to some folks here.

    Mastering Engineer Position Open

    Airshow has an opening for an additional experienced mastering engineer in our Boulder, CO facility.

    (We have recently hired a mastering engineer for the new Airshow Takoma Park, MD studios - this is another opening)

    The successful candidate must have an established clientele and a demonstrated ability to attract, book, and retain new clients. This is not an
    entry-level position.

    Other desirable skills include audio restoration, care and operation of analog tape machines, maintenance/installation experience, DVD
    authoring and/or video production and editing.

    The opening is for a staff position. Compensation is a combination of salary and commission. Standard benefits, including annual leave, sick
    leave and health insurance, are provided.

    This engineer will work out of one of our 3 large mastering studios. Airshow can provide some equipment, but it is expected that the engineer
    will equip the studio to his or her requirements.

    Airshow Boulder is home to 2-time Grammy Award winning mastering engineer and Airshow founder David Glasser, Senior Mastering Engineer
    Dominick Maita, and mixer James Tuttle, as well as an experienced support staff.

    Boulder, CO is a great mid-sized city nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It appears consistently on many 'best places to live
    and work' lists, and the local music scene is vibrant and exciting.

    Airshow also operates a newly-opened mastering and recording studio complex in Takoma Park, MD near Washington, DC. Together, the 2
    facilities make Airshow one of the larger mastering companies in the country, with a 26 year history, numerous Grammy awards and
    nominations, and an engineering staff with well over a century of combined experience. For more information
    about us, and photos, visit our website at Mastering :: Recording :: Mixing :: Restoration

    Applicants should provide a letter with job history and salary requirement, a list of mastering credits and a link to your credits on or References are required and will be contacted. Send your letter to

    David Glasser

    David Glasser
    Airshow Mastering
    Boulder, CO
    Mastering :: Recording :: Mixing :: Restoration
  2. I would so put a resume in on this one if it weren't for my RA. Moving into a colder climate is absolutely out of the question for me. *sigh*
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    Good to see both you guys here again.
    I hope you both stick around and contribute.

    David, I posted this on the front page for you as well.

    We have setup a private ME forum for business chat and more. Maybe you are interested?
    Also, (free to all master engineers) is a Spot Light page for promoting ME business. You are welcome to do a full page. Its part of an educational push I am working on. The public needs to learn way more about what mastering is and who is out there.
  4. David Glasser

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    Feb 12, 2002
    Boulder, CO
    Thanks. I will look into the Spotlight page.

    Can you send details re: the private ME forum?


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