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Discussion in 'Production' started by sloman, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. sloman

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    Is there anyone out there who just lives to master/produce tunes for the pure love of doing so. I have been making electronic music for a few years now using Adobe audition, Ableton live (for live performances) but i have never been able to get my tunes to sound good enough for CD/release. I would love for someone to master or even produce my material on maybe a profit split deal as I can not afford to pay a studio/individual to do so and struggle so myself.
    If anyone is interested then mail me
    Or any suggestions will be much appreciated.
    I have also put this in the creating music.
  2. audio4you

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    Master test.

    I will make you a deal. The first cut on the house. The rest for permission trade if I can make loops form your music to use in some of my production projects. If you do like the way I mastered the first one then nothing more will be done. CLICK MY PROFILE FOR CONTACT INFO.

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