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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by kaz, Jul 12, 2005.

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    hello my name is kaz and im a dj doing a mix cd for a record label that should be out in about 2 months . my question is before i mix the tracks together should i have each song mastered first or have the whole mix mastered when im done with the mix . the style of music is house music and there will be 14 tracks on the cd .also could you please tell me if there is anything else i need to do with each track befor i mix them down thank you for your time ....kaz
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    You mix all your songs first, then you send or bring all your mixed stereo tracks to your ME. He will do the mastering of all your songs and of course make sure that they all sound at their max (eq's, comp or limiting if necessary), they have the same apparent volume also, take care of fades and providing to you or your duplication facility, the Master CD. Hope this gives you a better picture.

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    Are you mixing vinyl or cd's
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    thank you for your help Richard. and the music that im mixing is coming from vinyl so i have to clean each track up a littel for clicks and pops .

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