Mastering Reason Mixes


Grettings, all.

My question involves Reason and what to do during mixdown to make for the best possible mastering.

In Reason, you have the option to mix down at 24/96, 16/44 or any comination therein (24/48, 16/96, etc.). Most of the samples I'm using are from the Reason sound bank CD--they are 16 bit. Question: Does it make sense to mixdown to 24/96, master with Waveplug-ins(This option works fine for me) only to render the final track back down to 16/44? Or should I stay in the 16/44 world throughout?

My guess, gathered from what I've read in this wonderful forum, is that I should mixdown from Reason at 24/44, master that track, and finally render to 16/44 for cd burning.

Am I right here? All input appreciated.

joe lambert

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Oct 17, 2001
If your tracks are 24bit 96K then you should stay there. Then decimate down to 16/44.1 for the CD. This way you can spit out a higher bitrate CD later for release on different media. If you have been tracking at 24/44.1 stay at that so you don't have to do any decimation. Work at 24/44.1 even if you have 16bit files. This gives you more resolution for your EQ, compr., limiting and whatever else you might want to do.


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Dec 27, 2002
I'm with Joe on this one. All your editing will sound better at the higher bit rate. Only go down to 16 bit at the end when you have to burn a CD.



Definetly 24/44

The factory soundbank samples are 16bit
The Orkester soundbank samples are 24 bit (if I remember correctly)
and the internal processing (synths, fx, etc.) is 32 (or 24 can't remember)