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  1. SEBO106

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    Mar 18, 2013

    I am pretty new to sound recording and especially editting. I need to prepare samples of separate english words for a teaching software.

    I already made some recordings of the VO talent with ZOOM H4, 96kHz, WAW. The recording consists of separate words.

    I attach a sample of the recording which wasn’t processed anyhow or changed – apart from saving it to MP3 because of the large file size of WAWs.

    Sample is attached,

    I am new to sound editing and I wouldn’t really want to know everything about it as I will only need it for this specific task – to make the words sound clear for the learner. I know that the most important to do is normalization and noice reduction but also the recording needs to be passed by some effects to sound properly.

    here is the file:
    Darmowy hosting plików, zdj

    I use Adobe Audition software

    What I would ask you is advice for:

    First of all which processes should I do since the beginning and what should be the sequence of them. What is most important - which filters should I use to make the higher tones up that it would sound more clearly, warmly and impressively than now. Generally – how to improve the recording. What would you suggest?

    I will be very very grateful for any of your advice, suggestion or opinion. I am new to audio editing, and just want to learn how to improve recording in this specific task.
    Hope you can help me with this issue,

    Thanks in advance. Sebastian
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    Apr 19, 2006
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    The editing should not be difficult, but I can't access the example file that you linked to. Could you re-post it on Soundcloud?

    Unless you have a contractual reason for using 96KHz for this type of recording, it should not be necessary to go to higher rates. They eat up your H4 card storage space, and also risk conversion quality problems if you expect later to reduce them to 44.1KHz for CD or other distribution.
  3. SEBO106

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    Mar 18, 2013
    Yes, I will have to decrease the frequency, so I gueass I made a mistake. Hope I will not loose much quality.

    Below I am sending another link to the sample,

    will be obligued for any advice,

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