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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by daveseviltwin, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. I was wondering if any of the pros had any suggestions for me. I have just completed a project and I need to get it mastered. It's only a 27 minute cd with 8 songs (not a punk record). Anyway, I was wondering if any of the pros could work up a nice price for me. The lowest rate I have gotten recently is $750 and with replication it's going to really hurt our pockets considering there are only two of us in the band. If anyone would like to check out the raw mixes you are more than welcome. Unfortunately, the only place that we have posted them is on and that is really bad sound quali...hat may be able to help, please let me know.
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    welcome to the forum.

    please add an email address so people interested can contact you.

    If you want to respond, wait for Dave to give an email address and respond that way. thanks
  3. I would like to add...

    if anyone could throw in a free mercedes or jag, that would be nice also. Just kidding. Actually, I would prefer someone with credentials to consider it more than others. If you're using a bunch of computer plug-ins, save yourself from carpel-tunnel and don't reply. I'm so sick of looking on the web and running across "Billy Bob's Basement Mastering Studio". If I wanted to run waves on it or crush it with an Alesis Comp, I would do that myself. Sorry for rambling but these guys are charging way too much and shouldn't be able to even advertise mastering services. I would be so much happier sending it to someone like Lambert at Trutone or someone with equivalent credentials, because I know the mix is going to be mastered in good hands. I'm not asking for something for free but I would to find something reasonable. We're just college students that have worked at crappy jobs and traded our stuff and sold our bodies to get what little we have now, with hopes that one day we can survive as engineers. Nothing new for you guys because you've all been there too. Please, feel sorry for us, in a good way. I promise I won't ramble anymore.
  4. to the person that sent me a message

    I cannot recieve messages beacuse I'm not a member. Please email me
  5. The mastering process can really do much, but it cant' do a miracle. A well mixed track will end up to be a well mastered track. A crap mixed track will just be a crap mastered track.
    Your tracks are interesting. Are you using some compressors or limiters in the master channel?

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