Mastering techniques for combatting distant miking

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by district, Sep 19, 2004.

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    This is my first post, so go easy on me.

    First off, I realize now after reading the 1st five pages of the mastering forum that I am nowhere (and won't soon be) near a proper mastering setup and for that matter I am questioning the foundation with which I have built this studio up to be (another thread), but all this is not the point.

    I have a project that a client wants mastered and not only is this the first time I have done this but the mix seems to need, well, re-recording. I don't think they want to do the latter, so I am wondering what I might do to remedy their mix with mastering. They recorded all their songs in one take, in a 15x20 room with a high, rounded (or curved) ceiling. I can just hear the room way too much, esp in the vocals. Compressing will bring the room sound up, correct? So is it just done with EQ or what?

    For info' sake, my setup is all digital, using PT and the best plug-ins (BF, Pultec, Joemeek, etc) I have and monitoring with Mackie 624's. To save anyone who may comment their time, I realize that I can't really master with this setup, but I can make it better, much better I am sure, which is all I am trying to do.

    Thanks a ton in advance for any help anyone can give me!!

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    I don't envy you right now... Too much room sound is a pain to deal with.

    EQ might soften it a little if there are particular nodes involved, but you're at the mercy of the tone of the mix also. :shock:

    Compression will pump it all over the place. :?

    Limiting might be a "slightly" better choice if the louder parts take over the room sound pretty well... :-?

    Best of luck, though. :)
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    It's hard to give an advice to something that I've never heard.
    -Is the room sound that bad?
    -Is it posible to turn it into some usefull and maybe actually charming with EQ?

    If you feel that EQ + Limiting isn't enough and you have a specific area that has high energy of room, you can try out some GENTLE band compression just at that area... but be carefull!

    Best Regards,
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    I have just finished reading the section of Bob Katz' book Mastering Audio ((Dead Link Removed))
    about using the Haas effect to reduce ambience. Check it out because it could help you with your current problem. For example you can try mixing in a small amount of the mix sent to a stereo delay of up to 30ms, or sending the mix to a reverb processor using an early reflections preset and mixing in a small amount of the all wet signal from that device. These may improve the problems you have described in the mix you are currently working with.

    Let us know how you got on!

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