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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by BigTrey, Feb 18, 2006.

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    Hey RO'ers, could anyone tell me what types of tools are used for mastering? I mean as far as compression, Eq, Limiters, etc. What can I use to get my recordings to have that professional sound? I ask because I am interested in what the pros use when they have a project to master for their client so that I can understand the process better and do some experimenting with some crappy songs that I have lying around. I am using Protools and all of my gear is basically in the box. I have used the Bombfactory optical compressor, T-Racks Eq, Maxim, and a Dither. Am I using the wrong tools? What other tools could I use to get a more professional sound? Thanks for any response and advice.
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    PSP do great plugs. Try the mastercomp for a great mastering compresssor.

    Learn the tools you have inside out and youl be on your way.

    Stay away from multiband.
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    I don't want to bring up the "don't master your own mixes" scenario, but I don't exactly get the results I expect when mastering my own mixes (which is exactly why I don't).

    Could that be part of the problem...?

    Other than that, I'd search out some M.E.'s web-sties (there are several here that have fairly comprehensive gear lists) if you're looking for specifics.

    And it probably goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway - You're only ever be as good as your monitors allow you to be.
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    Thanks for the replies guys, I understand the whole thing aboyt letting a pro do the mastering for us.
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    leave it to the pros

    or not :roll:

    the reason you are not having the same level of quality you want is probably the accumulation of a lot of things. make sure you dither right. dont cut the peaks off of everything. mix better (easier said than done right?). use less steps and/or process less severely per step. try mid-side processing instead of true stereo. Tools u may find helpful:
    multi-band compressor
    wideband compressor
    devices that add warmth
    spectral analyzer
    restoration software for noise, fuzz, clicks, careful!
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    If your room and monitors aren't up to speed, no processors will help you get the results you desire.
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    Like Brad said, The absolute best investment you can make is your room, then your monitors. You can have $1mil in gear, but if these two things aren't right then you will not get what you are looking for.

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