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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by twintriode, Aug 10, 2005.

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    I record, mix, and master in Sonar through a Motu 828. But something weird happens during mixdown...When I'm done mastering and I export the final audio from Sonar, there is a volume discrepancy. What I mean is, when I mix down through my Motu 828, the final product is MUCH quieter than when I mix down through my crappy SB Audigy Soundblaster card that came with my computer. The Soundblaster track sounds MASSIVE. What could be causing this phantom amplification?

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    Are you unbalanced somewhere?
  3. twintriode

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    The Motu 828 is firewire, it functions as my soundcard. I don't know where it would be unbalanced. All of my preamps are connected to the card via balanced XLR to TRS patch cables. The amplification happens during the export from Sonar to WAV. Again, if my MOTU is enabled, there is no volume increase. If the SB Audigy Soundblaster is enabled, the export from Sonar to WAV causes an amplification of at least 6db from what I can tell. Weird as hell.

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    I don't think it matters what soundcard you have enabled for bouncing to WAV. Those crazy Sounblaster cards have that goofy AudioHQ mixer thingamajig that has faders and stuff. Might be screwing you up. Are you talking about the playback of a file through your MOTU versus playback of a file through the Soundblaster? If so, the output volumes are likely to be set at different levels from eachother.
    Have you visually compared the two wave files together? If the meters are showing the same levels, then they are the same levels whether your two different soundcards present it that way or not. The MOTU probably has its own output mixer somewhere as well. Just a matter of matching the two up in level, or just pick one and go with it.
    What happens when you burn the audio onto CD and play it back on an independent player like a car stereo or something?

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