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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by tpoband, Dec 8, 2010.

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    I was hoping someone could direct me to a/any number of converters that would work with our gear. We are only just setting up a studio at home to record so do not have a lot of equipment as yet. What we do have is a behringer mx8000 24/48 eurodesk that we picked up for a very good price indeed, and an iMac.

    We basically want to get a high quality* interface (set of interfaces - probably Pro Tools compatible) that will allow us to record, and then send back out to the desk for mixing.

    Any info much appreciated!

    *yes i know what you'll say, "high quality? but you got a behringer desk!" but time is long, people! The desk will eventually go.
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    Nov 30, 2008
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    I had a bringer MX9000 desk for over 10 years. I used it with my PPC 8100 and Deck II back then, I had a digidesign sound tools II system when I started recording on a personal computer. It was quite limited as to what it could do, I don't really like the old mixes that much. DSP back then left a bad taste in the mouth. The Bringer has a muddy quality when pushed hard, as long as the mix bus is not pushed too hard it sounds acceptable to my ears. Its when its pushed hard it sounds muddy to me and you can ruin many a mix without realizing it at the time. I also used the desk with my Otari 1/4" MX-55 and 1/2 8 track with slightly better results, again you cannot push the board! Mix at lower levels and master it later.

    As far as converters, the sky is the limit. Consider what you want to spend, obviously not too much I would guess. I got the Presonus Firestudio in 2007. Its expandable, sounds fantastic at 96k and is a royal pain to setup on a Mac!!! But, if you can stand the pain you may enjoy it? I have mixed feelings about the firestudio, if you do your research you will find at least a dozen of decent options for converters. If I were to do it again I would look at the focusrite saffire on the low end and Lucid technology stuff on the high. Be aware of firewire chipset issues and by all means DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST before making any hasty decisions. Read reviews at all levels and use google. If you want to save money with gear its a hard call, most of the time I would say wait until your positive about all aspects of your system before making a choice.

    Best of luck and Cheers!
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