MAudio Delta66+Omni I/O or Aardvark direct pro 24/96

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by bencrud, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. bencrud

    bencrud Guest

    So these are the two options in my price range I have been investigating. I was hoping for some seasoned DAW advice before I made any purchases. A little background as to what finds me at this juncture: I am getting into production for local advertisements,(radio mostly)and need to get vocals into logic platinum over some midi sequences. I would also like to be able to record some guitars and the occasional live percussion. My setup is not where I want it to be ultimately, but I would hope that I can work with what I have for now. I hope to have a nice ANUS like some of you guys soon, but need to make some money with this P.O.S. first. This is my current setup, or setback as it where, minus an audio interface.
    Dell Optiplex GX1 w/P3 (I know)
    Internal Sound Card
    384 MB PC133 SDRAM
    40GB 7200RPM HD
    NVIDIA GeForce2 MX200
    WIndows XP PRO
    Logic Platinum
    Any advice would be greatly aprreciated ....
  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    ewwww...the optiplex with the intel 810 one of those at work...P.O.S is soo right! lol..
    installed 98SE on it and it gives me the BSOD constantly! :p
    Anyhue..I would go for the MAudio stuff as their drivers are a little more user friendly and support is good for them..Aardvark support isnt that great..most people tend to get annoyed with aardvark and their routing patchbay thang...I like the delta stuff over the aardvark stuff..but that's my opinion
  3. bgober

    bgober Guest

    i've had no experience with aardvark but i do own the 66/omni setup and i've got no complaints.
    i would recommend it.
  4. bencrud

    bencrud Guest

    Thanks for the .02 guys. I think that is what I will end up with. I checked out your site opus, you are doing exactly what I hope to be doing in the next few years! Very cool... Do you think that this optilperplex will get me by for a while? Just untill my student loans for next semester come in. Do you forsee any huge problems with this card and that crappy chipset. Thanks Again...
  5. Ben,

    Atlhough I'm dealer (and therefore can't be trusted :) ), we've sold a lot of both systems, and both are pretty good.

    However, I'll have to agree with these other guys ... we have had more complaints from customers about the Aardvark stuff who use XP than the M-Audio stuff. Probably because M-Audio's XP drivers have been out & working a lot longer .. since last November.
  6. pandamonkey

    pandamonkey Active Member

    Dec 28, 2001
    I bought the Maudio delta66 with omni I/O interface and like it a lot. I don't really have any use for the fx sends that it offers on the interface itself as I have a mixer but it is a nice option for someone who doesn't. the digital I/O is SPDIF which is semipro. Phantom power on both XLR/TRS I/Ps is nice. I find that the line/Preamps are nice and quiet as well for the price range. I've got the latency down so low that I don't really notice it existing. Although they claim that it has 6 individual O/P's or 3 stereo, I haven't figured out how to route multiple signals out individually at a time and am not sure at this stage if it is possible (at least in Cubase 5.1) i.e. address individual buses from the VST mixer to ind. O/Ps etc. Maybe that's me!! Cannot record 2 ind. I/Ps simultaneously yet either although I would imagine that you could otherwise there would be no use for 2 ind. I/Ps. The manual that comes with the hardware is not very thurough and mentions nothing of what I just mentioned that I can't figure out but the hardware makes sense anyways. 2 Ind. H.P. jacks are cute but if you have keyboards going into your mixer, you can't use them for monitoring everything (like I said, it's perfect for those who don't have a mixer)
    I use XP and it is flawless so far. The interface software is handy too, has a lot of little options that may not nec. for standard music production (like changing your sample rate to 32KHz) but nice to have none the less. Wish it was rack mountable, takes up a little extra space on my desk because it's not. Level meters are lacking but many sound cards have none at all. Over all, I like it. When my own set up gets bigger and badder, I will prob. sell it and buy something more profesional but as far as the bang for your buck goes, I give it an 8/10.
    good luck
    P.S. I've used it for making radio ads for a local, small station and it was no probs.
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