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Discussion in 'Computing' started by trigger, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. trigger

    trigger Guest

    Hello, i have been running cakewalk,gigastudio, vegas video and sound forge on a pentium 3 500mz, 256ram,windows 98se with a audiophile 2496 sound card for the last year. However I also have a host of othe crap installed on it (printer, games and other non audio related crap).

    I now have a second computer for the net and all the non audio related apps.

    My question is what can i do or should i do to set up my audio computer exclusively for the audio apps I have mentioned above to maximize the potential of the system.

    ps. I have two hard drives 20g/60g.

    Any tips or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated....Trigger
  2. Guitarman

    Guitarman Guest

    Hey Trigger,

    I believe you answered your own question. However if your computer is running fine with all the "crap" installed then there is no need to remove the stuff unless you need space.

    I am sure some others here will be able to elaborate a bit more.

    Best wishes,

    JD( o}===;;;
  3. pandamonkey

    pandamonkey Active Member

    Dec 28, 2001

  4. Tore Nylund

    Tore Nylund Guest

    First of all I think that you should get at least 512 Mb RAM.
    I think that mIchAEl didn't see that you're running Win 98SE... so you should do the tweaks for Win 98 instead:

    A faster CPU wouldn't be bad either... but you wanted to maximize the potential of the system.... and a faster CPU is more like upgrading your system.
    So I really think¨:
    More RAM and do the tweaks will take you there.

    Please tell us how it all went.
    Good Luck
  5. Ras Judah

    Ras Judah Guest

    Greetings Trigger,

    May I also suggest that you make data (and audio if you have the time and capacity) back ups of all your audio work (including samples, presets, etc.).

    Then format both disks, re-install your OS on the smaller drive, make sure all your OS drivers are up to date, then (if you're fairly confident with messing about with your computer) apply the 'tweaks' recommended above.

    Once you've done that, re-install all your music apps on to the same OS drive.

    Next re-load your data back ups onto the second,larger drive. You may or may not want to partition this drive so that your projects and samples/raw data(audio) are in separate areas on the drive, but it's not essential.

    If you can afford it, I'd second the suggestion to up your RAM count and upgrade your CPU (in that order if you can only afford to do one at a time).

    Good luck.

  6. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    Back up , Back up, Back up....the best advice no matter what situation you are in!


    Opus :D
  7. bgavin

    bgavin Guest

    More memory is a total waste under Win9x/ME. Above 64mb is used for disk caching only.

    Get Win2k or WinXP, which will use every dime's worth of that 512mb. The memory manager in these operating systems is miles ahead of Win9x.
  8. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    well, don't forget that Win98 doesn't use more than 512MB of RAM! It doesn't see anything more than that basically. I believe over 512 actually decreases performance in WIn98 or ME!

    So don't bother running serious RAM intensive programs that require over 512MB!

    Opus :D

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