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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jace_one, Jan 25, 2002.

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  1. jace_one

    jace_one Guest

    i'm really close to buying my setup now hopefully next week.

    cubase, windows 2k or 98

    msi k7t266pro2
    athlon xp1800
    512mb ddram pc2100
    maxtor diamondmax plus 20g and 60g 7200rpm
    matrox g450 dual
    enermax whisper 350w
    plextor cdrw

    dont know about case yet. maybe some suggs?
    don't know if there are any compatibility issues with this setup. its for a beginner setup that will hopefully stay with me for awhile before my "need" for more triggers change or it being outdated, either way i want it to last.

    also....what are some descent soundcards with nice quality d/a a/d converters. my budget is 1500 for total setup.

    new thought(for me) i need a controller keyboard, i know some of them are inexpensive but i dont want crap, best form my money of course. i'll be mainly triggering samples instead of cutting, pasting, and dragging with a mouse.

    any suggestions?

    hardcore criticism welcomed!
  2. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2000
    You'll be hard-pressed to get hard-core criticism on RO, but thousands of us would be happy to give you all of the help you want! :)
    The chipset on that mobo has been discussed on RO as being somewhat problematic. In fact, VIA chipsets in general are known to be problematic with many DAWs. From what I've observed lately, the general concensus seems to lean toward the AMD 760 series chipsets. Personally, I've been accumulating components to build myself a PC, and I'll be getting my iWill XP333 mobo next month, provided that another expensive monetary hurdle doesn't get in my There's not a lot of info on the XP333 as applied to DAW apps, as it's a relatively new mobo, but I'm gonna give it a shot...
    You might want to check out the Antec 1040/1040B case and PS. The 400 watt power supply in these suckers is the bomb! If you shop around, you can get great deals on em!
    The Maxtor harddrives are a great choice, but you might want to go with an 80Gb slave. The drives you want are the D740X series, models 6L020L1 and 6L080L4. These are a little better than the 6L020J1 and's the bearings.
    I didn't see a SCSI card in your list (???). You'll need one for your CDRW. Don't use an IDE CDRW for audio recording. Go to the Adaptec site, choose the model you need (or can afford), and then shop for it on Pricewatch.
    The best thing that you can do for yourself is to go through the threads on the computing forums here on RO. You'll get a wealth of information that will be best-learned BEFORE you make your purchases.
  3. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    I agree with what Smawg says...but...going SCSI for CDRW isnt absolutely neccessary. I burn with my IDE all the time and never once had a problem. Not sure if he's stating that IDE CDRW's have problems but just letting you know you dont have to go with SCSI for CDRW...going for SCSI for hard drive throughput for the audio data...different story alltogether!!!
    Just chiming in on this my brain be pooped from mixing an album for a friends band!!
  4. jace_one

    jace_one Guest

    always appreciate the replies....
    actually i've heard a ton of crap about via's chipsets, so yeah i agree with you smawg. the only affordable board with the amd 760 chipset didnt support anything above 1.33ghz. but i did look into the ecs k7s5a which supports the athlon xp 1800. do you know much about that? i was also looking into the iwill xp333. it seemed that people were having headaches with it, but they found solutions, i'm new to this so i'm gonna try and keep it simple. i'm also not sure if they were trying crazy shite or what.
    i'll be getting the recommended drives thanks for the heads up.
    as far as scsi goes, i know nothing about em. if i do however decide to go scsi, do certain boards not support that or is that a standard thing (yeah i know nothing) :)
    i checked out the antec case, do i need server size? for room to keep the air cooler right. hows a bout mid size? (i'm trying to cut cost corners, don't know the best place for that though) does that get enough room?
    well too much to ask all right now but any help is appreciated. i'm thinking by next weekend i should be sending off some money so i'll hit the researching hard.


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