maybe too much for a single post...

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maybe i've asked too much for a single post?

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  1. MG0039

    MG0039 Guest

    This is my first post so hi everyone!

    I'm new in audio recording...and I'm trying to set up a personal recording system
    In my case that means I'll play all the instrouments i need one by one by myself .
    I've some question for you...(maybe too much for a single post).

    This is my idea

    Analog instrouments:
    Guitar Electric
    Guitar Acustic

    Vst instrouments:
    Piano (The Grand 2 Steinberg)
    Organ (B4 Ni)
    Drums (Still some indecisions if you have suggestions)
    Bass(Trilogy Spectrasonic)

    (M-audio Keystation Pro 88 from 88-Key Hammer-Action USB Bus-Powered Master MIDI Controller)
    as contoll surface someone already tryed it!

    if I have understood.

    Sound from my Guitar/Voice/Bass is analog and need to be converted in digital by a A/D converter after conversion it sends the converted signal to a sound card that acquire it and brings it to the recording software that writes it on tha hard-disk at this point the signal i've recorded on the hard-disk needs to be reconverted to analog to be playbacked on audio monitors by a D/A converter.


    So i need a lot of stuff!

    1)A/D converter (I dont think i'll never need more than 2-Channel better 24bit/192kHz or 24bit/96kHz)

    2)Sound card (Actually I havn't understood why i need it since the sound at this point is already converted into digital format )

    3)D/A coverter some A/D unit cames already with D/A some other not which is the better way? together or separates?

    4) 2xStudio mic (Is there a mic which is good for both voice and acustic guitar? 2 is enought for acustic guitar?)

    Since a can't record electic guitar using ampli and mics because of my neighbors i thought i could plug my guitar directly in a pre and than into the A/D using something like Guitarig or Amplitube for simulating amplifiers and effects (this does not satisfy me at all but... can help it! maybe i can start some negotiations with my neighbors for weekends and holydays )

    So I also need a 2-channel Pre good for Voice and Electic and acustic guitars.

    My priority is to buy quality hardware! I don't know nothing about audio recording standards and tecnology so i can't decide.

    Suggestion about the hardware to buy or best way to record this analog instrouments?

  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    A good way to ask questions......You should list your budget as that will be a LARGE determining factor in gear choices....
  3. MG0039

    MG0039 Guest

    The approsimative budget is about 6000Usd (software exluded).
    2500Usd for mics.
  4. jahme

    jahme Guest

    thats too cheap..get some knowledge and be a millionaire! like me!
  5. MG0039

    MG0039 Guest

    are you serious??
  6. Tahake

    Tahake Guest


    I'm new here, too, but have read enough posts to know that the above poster always makes comments on this level, for reasons that he alone knows. Just ignore it.

    I'm not the one to answer your HW questions, but I believe you'll want a sound card to route and synchronize all your audio input, regardless if it is in analog or digital format.

    Also, depending on how important key feel is to you, you might want to look for an alternative to the M-Audio keystation. Though I've never played it, I have their MK461c controller, and I like everything about it except the key action. True, my 61 key board isn't a hammer action, but I've read in several reviews that even the Pro 88 feels "spongey," etc.

    Still, to get a great hammer action 88 key controller, you'd have to spend a bit more $$$, and this should certainly be a good board in terms of function.

    Good Luck.


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