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Mbox 2 PRO vs Presonus firestudio project

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Davidfoote, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Davidfoote

    Davidfoote Guest

    Hi everyone, my first post!!! I am getting my son either MBox 2 PRO or the Presonus firestudio project. I have the specs from the compays, but which is a better quality interface and which software will be easyer to learn. Presonus comes with Cubcase le and M box 2 PRO comes with Pro tools le and lots of plug ins.
    We do not want to be limited in expantion in the future.
    Thanks very much for your help., David
  2. hummel

    hummel Guest

    You will undoubtedly get a bunch of opinions since there is no 'best'. But, Cubase offers more capacity than Protools LE. I think that many people recommend Cubase over PT, especially for beginners. It is also cheaper to upgrade Cubase than Protools. Finally, Protools will only work on Digidesign and M-Audio hardware, so your options for upgrades will be constrained. Cubase will work with nearly any hardware.

    The Firestudio has 8 pre-amps while the Mbox has ony 2. The Firestudio also has more outputs. I doubt there will be much difference in sound quality (pre-amps and interfaces in this price range are generally similar in overall quality). But, the Firestudio will allow for easier expansion (simply add another microphone while, with the Mbox, you will need a new interface unit).
  3. shed_sounds

    shed_sounds Guest

    hi david,

    i have a presonus firestudio (not the project version) and am pretty happy with it. i've been doing computer recording for ~10 years now btw and have used lots of interfaces. if you pick a presonus device, the firestudio project is a great choice for a gift. the DAW software interface for recording is really important though and protools hardware is good for protools DAW software ONLY. so it's not expandable at all, complete vendor lock-in, except for vst plugins that would work in them all.

    anyway if you're considering spending the money for the mbox 2 pro (~$800?), I recommend you look at the alesis master control (url link below) which has 2 microphone inputs, lots of 1/4" inputs/outputs and it is a real mixing board that can give real hands-on feel to recording/mixing music. the mixing board is designed to connect to the computer DAW software to let you move things without your mouse, which is awesome. doing these things with a mouse/keyboard really is not the best way to learn, and if you want the same thing in protools you're talking about > $2,500, or buying a mackie device to go with the presonus is also a few grand. i havent tested the mastercontrol but the feature set is really really really compelling (btw, i think tascam even has one too in a similar feature set). theonly thing i can see it doesnt have is hi-z (instrument) inputs so your son could plug his guitar/bass directly in to the board, but that can be solved by either buying an SM-57 microphone and/or DI-box (silent recording) :)


    a similar and cheaper tascam mixer/firewire interface
    (Dead Link Removed)

    actually the most rad add-on rather than a DI-box is the line 6 pod, for $200 it's maybe the most popular (because it's really good) guitar processor effect today, and it can run straight into the alesis or other mixing board since it can convert the impedance of the signal from hi-z to line level. so in other words you could get the tascam + line 6 pod for the price of the mbox device!

    best, and btw you have a lucky son!
    shed man
  4. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    The M-Box 2 with ProTools must be run on certain specific computer requirements and types. IT CANNOT BE RUN UNDER ANY COMPUTER NOT LISTED ON THEIR WEB SITE! I have ProTools because it is a certain type of industry-standard. But I have always used other stuff since 1996. The other stuff is more generic in nature and is more compatible with a broader range of hardware/operating system's/software. Your kid will have way more fun with the 8 input Presonus device. That's enough inputs to record his favorite high school band, all at once!

    What a terrific daddy!!
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  5. Davidfoote

    Davidfoote Guest

    Thank you all very much for your input, It will help make my decision easier. I guess we will be able to learn and enjoy the Presonus and Cubase. Of course after I look at the Tascam FW 1082 that shed man mentioned. Just to confuse me a bit more. Ha Ha.
    This will be the first in his recording venture and I need it to be able to grow with out being manufacturer dedicated.
    Check out hunter foote on youtube!!

    Thanks again very much, David
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