MBox 2 vs. M-Audio Firewire 410

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by megajoe, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. megajoe

    megajoe Guest

    I just bought a powerbook so I could have a portable DAW setup. I'm going for a system that I can compose & track on, PT is a must and stereo mic inputs are a must. But here's my problem. I think the Bmox 2 looks like turd, and it's just the old Mbox with MIDI connections added. So I'm looking into getting M-Powered instead of LE, it seems I can get more for less that way. But M-Powered doesn't come with the ignition pack, which has plenty of things that I want in it. So my question is:

    Is the M-box 2 not so turd-like and will get the job done and I can get the extra software package? Or should I avoid the Mbox 2 like the plague and go with the firewire 410?

    I will also be using logic 7, so if anyone knows of compatibility issues with either of those interfaces, I would love to know.
  2. Shawn F.

    Shawn F. Guest

    Even though I am totally new at recording, I have been looking into the Tascam US428 and the Mbox 2 quite a bit and so far EVERYONE at guitar center and a few guys that work at recording studios said the Mbox 2 is worth it for the money and good for home recording. I just bought it today and am happy with it. I have seen it in use before and it seems like a good unit for the money. I would like to see what others think on this as well though. I am hoping I just didn't spend 500 bucks on some piece of crap. I would like to get into professional recording as well but I dont have 20 grand for all this nice stuff and also I don't know if professional recording studios use digital (computer) software to record or what. I am still learning all of this.
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