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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by tyzoo, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. tyzoo

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    I am 15 years old, and I am wondering if i should get the DIGI 002 (2200$) or the M-Box (500$).

    I want to start a home studio and for my level would it be smarter getting the 002 now that i can offord it?

    Or is there something else that i should get?
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    even though i do use protools, i think they're better alternatives to the mbox and the 002.

    for starters and if you are set on using protools as your daw, maybe get the 002r its only $1200 but its doesnt have the control surface.

    but if you're not set on using protools, there are a lot options out there.

    If you plan on doing drums, you'll need more than 2 mic pres and if so dont bother with the mbox.

    If you're willing to put down $2200 for the 002 i would buy the RME fireface 800 for $1450. Im sure it has better AD/DA converters than the 002 and it comes with 4 mic pres on board that are probably just as good or better than the 002s. The only draw which I personally dont think is that bad is that you cant use protools with it but there are a plenty of good recording software out there like Digital Performer ,Logic.....ask around because im not sure which is best for you though.
  3. I have an Mbox and I am very happy with it. Since you are 15 you are most likely looking to learn and do your first recordings. The Mbox is all inclusive (software, preamps, converters etc...) and very easy to set up and get recording. It is stable and protools (despite some opinions here) is a great program. The 002 is probably great as well, but if you don't need more than two inputs the Mbox will work great. With the money you save buy a couple of good mics, a compressor, monitors or maybe upgrade your guitar, amp, keyboard or whatever.

    Digi also has a trade up program so you can trade your Mbox up to a 002 if you want in the future.(for about the difference between them new) If you are planning on doing drums I would recomend getting the 002. You can do drums with the Mbox but you have to buy a mixer and sub-mix them to the Mbox, not ideal, but it does work ok.

    If you want to use PT don't let the people here talk you out of it. While there are a number of good products out there (Nuendo, Cubase, N-track, Sonar) there are definate advantages to learning Protools.

    Hope that helps
  4. Dave62

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    Go with the 002 Rack, 8 ins easily and cheaply expandable to 18 ins, includes the software for free unlike the RME and other Protoools pretenders, and if the day comes to upgrade Digidesign will trade up for your equipment, something no other hardware manufacturer does.
    I have to laugh when someone says Protools is too expensive and in the next breath says spend money on other hardware and an extra grand on Logic or DP4 software to run with it.
  5. jamiey

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    Getting the mbox and a small-ish external mixer for sub-mix may be a great idea. With the mixer you'll force yourself more often to get a good sound/balance going in, rather then trying to fix things after the fact like so many people seem to do these days. These other suggestions are fine as well.
  6. jamiey

    jamiey Guest

    that was kinda funny, I never thought of anyone as 'pretenders', you may be correct, but it's my understanding that it would not take much at all to do what ProTools does, especially these days. But it's all beside the point really, just thought the remark was amusing. :)
  7. theAdmiral

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    get the 002. 96k is slowly becoming a standard. At least with major label projects.
  8. rudedogg

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    man, he's 15, let's not let him get broke before he's old enough to drive.

    for the record, the 002 (not rack) has had a lot of problems. one of my good friends returned not 1, not 2, but 3 due to the power harness issue (read about it on the DUC). i have had my 002rack for like 2 years or so, never once had a problem.

    if your just starting off, i would suggest that you go cheap. the presonus firebox is $400 and you get cubase le, and the mbox is $500 and you get protools le. either one gets you 2 input channels. your going to need a mic too. i would suggest getting a sm57 ($80) for recording electric guitar, and something like the studio project c1 ($199)for recording vocals and or acoustic guitar.

    also, gonna need a set of headphones and some cables. headphones are like $100, and cables will run like $10-20 each.

    so much depends on what you are going to be recording however. the cool thing about protools is that it comes with reason. doing drum loops and playing with other instrumentation can really add up when writing and recording songs.

    good luck!

  9. Dave62

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    Sorry, I was having a bad morning with my motu Audio Desk software and vented without thinking. They all work well once you learn all their special "Features". I also have an 002R that has never given me a bit of trouble, and the Protools software just gets better and better for my needs.

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